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The adventures of the Tryon clan
A supplement to Wes Tryon's book "The Tryon Family in America"
by Richard R. Tryon

The first chapter of this book is contributed via a courtesy of the British History magazine from the issue of Feb. 1977.

The story of Admiral Sir George Tryon is one that reveals both something of the tradition of the British Navy and its inability to allow officers to challenge the correctness of any order from a superior officer; and at the same time it tells something, perhaps, of the genetic character of some part of the male lineage of the Tryon family??

Readers are encouraged to comment and to contribute other stories. Already another English relative's story is to be found in the History section of this site- Richard S. Tryon's military career in WWII is neatly bound into the story of what well could have been the first real 'turning-point' of that war.

Hopefully other stories will tell of members engaged in the arts, science and business other than just military. I do not see us as a war-like military family.

A collection of stories about members of the family found in history. Some with commentary.

Two special stories involve British Tryons of the family tree that never made it to America. While two serve as illustrious examples of men who fought for freedom and democracy of the American tradition, one is missing. That William, a governor of NY, VA, and NC, became an English General at the time of the American Revolution and led the campaign attack of Danbury, Conn. against the revolutionary troops that must have included American cousins, who were decendants of William of Bibury.

This governor built a magnificient home in New Burn on the East coast of NC, may have also given the town of Tryon, NC its name.

Also included are chapters for short biographies and obituaries.

It is our intent to add new chapters that serve as a repository of new family data that will make it easier for future members to track the family tree.


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