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Communism- How did it happen?
Will it threaten again
by Richard R. Tryon

The act of chronicling the rise and fall of communism as it happened in Russia from 1918 when the Bolsheviks stole the revolution to the collapse in 1991 of the Soviet Union is a work in progress. It its preview is contained a review of a book by Lee Edwards entitled "The Conservative Revolution" and this text goes on to review a number of works written, with several exceptions by those who thought that they could represent better than any other communists of their time the correct understanding of what the communist revolution was all about.

Two of the authors considered were Elizabeth Dilling who wrote and published on her own in 1934 "The Red Network" to expose the locations of the leading sources of the disease of political-economy called communism; and William D. Pawley, an American of heroic proportions, who lived in the age of excitement that prepared him for a life of witnessing and fighting against those who would "save us from ourselves" by stealing our wealth and controlling our lives all in the name of 'humanitarianism'.

Those that professed the Godless approach of dialectical materialism contained within the communist approach to life are not often able to 'see the light' as happened to Djilas and Horowitz. Many others will not shy away from a new opportunity to show us how they can make communism work!
Richard R. Tryon, son of the author of "You Can't Escape God" was trained as an undergraduate at Kenyon College in Economics and Political Science. He has maintained a keen interest in both subjects throughout most of his 68 years. Because his father was a newspaper reporter, it is not surprising that this author also came to ask a lot of questions!

His work on this subject reflects, in his opinon, a timely commentary.You are invited to read, comment and provide more information that will allow this work to be updated.


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