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Some Memoirs of the life of Thomas Tryon
A 1705 treatise of an early Tryon from Bibury, England
by Thomas Tryon

Thomas Tryon died in 1705 at age 69. His life story is barely told by his memoirs; but, quite a bit of evidence of it is found along with an amazing array of thoughts about life, man's relationship to God and to others, an ideal set of simple laws for a community, and for the raising of children from an age when the King was the supreme authority in England.

Although the text used for this recording was from a microfilm of the original book printing, one major change was made for the convenience of modern readers. The Old English spelling used the letter 'f' in lieu of what we now see being spelled with the letter 's'. In a few other cases, the modern spelling was used also for clarification.

Nothing was cut from the original text even though it is very full of redundancy and evidence of a writing style that may reflect both an aging mind as well as the output of one that was never disciplined via conventional schooling.

We hope that these shortcomings do not seriously detract from the importance to the family or others that choose to read this evidence of a very early member of the Tryon clan.

Thomas probably was a part of the third generation of Tryons born in England after the grandparents named Trioen had migrated as French Huguenots from Belgium after fleeing the Spanish Inquisition around 1550.
Thomas Tryon was an unusual author. He was never really sent to school and yet he found a way to learn his letters and to read and write. Read here some of his fascinating thoughts!


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