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Cuban History
How Castro Won at Bay of Pigs
by Richard R. Tryon

This is an ongoing book dealing with the history of Cuba with a special linkage to the information provided by an unproven authorship of the words of former U.S. Ambassador William D. Pawley.

The 'Bay of Pigs' disaster of 1961 was engineered by the Kennedy Administration with a strong assist from the U.S. State Department and an array of liberal thinkers that wanted to unseat established governments like that of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, so that 'liberation theology' could take hold with new leaders of the people like Fidel Castro. They either ignored or were duped by Castro's long connection to violent communist principles that showed that winning power was essential to making a new dictatorship to replace the old!
Richard Tryon has been a student of economics, political science and world history for most of his 68 years. His knowledge of Latin America traces back to his father's effort to work in Puerto Rico in 1942, when German submarines sank all ships from Miami heading to San Juan.

His work since has often involved study of language, customs and business of the Caribbean. His perspective is assisted by living almost half time in Puerto Rico.


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