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Why the Communists are Winning as of 1976...
and how they lost in 1990
by William D. Pawley & Richard R. Tryon

The book is of historic significance because it explains events in history that have been deleted by revisionists, or it gives insights, not heretofore made public that should help scholars and researchers as well as average readers, who want to know the truth about many steps along the pathway that finally brought down the latest global threat of communism and its deadly forms of control of the minds and lives of all of us.

It chronicles the Pawley life as it confronted the communist threats in Cuba in 1933, in China in 1933-41, and in many other parts of the globe including Spain, Cuba, Brazil, Columbia and Ecuador as well as other places all over the world.
A description of William D. Pawley is better left to his biographer to be Anthony Carrozza, but it is certainly worth noting here that W. D. Pawley was a most energetic and dynamic man. He did not write other books as he was a man of political action and he was both a businessman extraordinaire and a political force that made him able to serve his nation very well in some most difficult times and places.

Yours truly, the author of the small part at the end is still alive and able to report that he too was and is a business man, although not of the same type or scale. His writings and a major one of his father are found at this web site.


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