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Class of 1954
by Richard R. Tryon & others

So, this book will hope to be a place where many bits and pieces will be assembled to compile a list of histories of the sixty plus of us who graduated mostly in 1954, at the end of a four year period that started with a police action in North Korea. It was really a war that has never been properly ended. That war was left in limbo as part of the period that came go be known as the cold war.

Several of our class saw service in Korea and came back to graduate after most of us had moved on. Jim Peters and George Hallock are two that come to mind. But, a few of us did get involved in the cold war.

Oddly, the first story to be posted comes as a result of an elugoy given by Susan McPherson, wife of one of our best liked members. Richard (Dick) McPherson was one of those who learned to fly the B-47 Stratofortress over the N. Pole into position where, if needed, he was ready to respond to any Russian surprise attack. The chapter about Dick is the first of several almost ready in November of 2005. I hope to have many more in place before our 55th reunion that will put us back into classes in April of 2009.
Richard R. Tryon has been the second class agent of the class of 1954 relieving Ron Petti who took the assignment for the first 25 years.

His collected stories, letters and memories represent a start to what he hopes will contain many class member's contributions.

His writing interests are spread all over this web site, but this book hopes to become a replacement for the Senior Yearbook that was not produced.


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