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The Tryon Family In America
Second Edition 1980
by Wesley Tryon

The major source in 1998 for information of the Tryon family, in terms of proven accurate facts was found at where researchers have coordinated with help from Dan Brevik and Don Tryon to mount as accurate a data base as they can. Dan took down the page several years later because too many Tryon relatives failed to deliver more than criticism over errors detected in his work that were not likely to have been the result of his efforts.

Although Wes Tryon may well have been of equal caliber, in terms of accuracy, the volunteer effort of Richard Tryon and his sister, who input from the Wes Tryon manuscript into a new computer in 1980, may have been deficient. I believe that Wes was to proof read our work against his original copy, but his age and health did not help get all errors out. I am not sure he even finished the task.

Many errors were copied from original documents. Others were just keyed wrong into the computer. So, we give no assurance of having caught many errors, but will be happy to have readers e-mail corrections to us. We can then correct the file.

With these caveats, we publish here what we have.

Please note that the initial loading of files has not been formatted or even edited to separate entries with carriage returns. To find information, you need to go to the index sections and locate a name and the file locator number that Wes Tryon assigned. If you then go to the appropriate chapter that contains the file number desired and do a search on that chapter when opened , for that number, you should find the entry. At some future time, we may find a way to edit out errors, typos, and 'clean-up' the appearance. At this time all we can do is get the data on-line.
This work represented Wesley's last 13 years of research after he published his 31 years of effort as the first edition.


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