Category: Politics

by Richard R. Tryon and others

Some will hail the eight years of the Clinton presidency as a great time for freedom and prosperity in the U.S. An analysis of this claim will be included when this chapter is complete.

In the initial part, however, we can see that the moral problems of Clinton have cast a spell that some people will not forget. Will it have an impact? Or have we reached a state of development where moral character is not relevant?

The chapter begins with a mythical letter to the President.

Dear Mr. President:

I recently saw a bumper sticker that said, "Thank me, I voted for
Clinton-Gore." So, I sat down and reflected on that and I am sending my
"Thank you" for what you have done, specifically:

Thank you for introducing us to Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica
Lewinsky, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broaddrick.

Are there any others that we should know about?

Thank you for teaching my children about oral sex. I had really planned
to wait until they were about 10 or so to discuss it with them, but now
they know more about it than I did as a senior in college.

Thank you for showing us that sexual harassment in the work place
(especially the White House) and on the job is OK, and all you have to
know is what the meaning of "IS" is. It really is great to know that
certain sexual acts are not sex and one person may have sex while the
other one involved does NOT have sex.

Thank you for reintroducing the concept of impeachment to a new
generation and demonstrating that the ridiculous plot of the movie, "Wag
the Dog," is not only plausible but probable, after all.

Thanks for making Jimmy Carter look competent, Gerald Ford look
graceful, Richard Nixon look honest, Lyndon Johnson look truthful, and
John Kennedy look moral.

Thank you for the 72 House and Senate witnesses who have pleaded the 5th
Amendment and 17 witnesses who have fled the country to avoid testifying
about Democrat campaign fund raising.

Thank you for the 19 charges, 8 convictions, and 4 imprisonments from
the Whitewater "mess" and the 55 criminal charges and 32 criminal
convictions (so far) in the other "Clinton" scandals.

Thanks also for reducing our military by half, "gutting" much of our
foreign policy, and flying all over the world on "vacations" carefully
disguised as necessary trips.

Please give my regards to Hillary, when/if you see her. Tell her I'm
working on a "Thank You" letter for her."

The author of this letter is unknown, but its obvious bias represents one view of the man, who has occupied the most prestigious office in public life in the entire world for more than seven years! What a shame that he managed to let his life follow a path where such words could be not only thought about, but written! It is not the image that most Americans want to use when thinking of their most important elected leader.

While it is true that many Americans have managed to shift their thinking on morality so as to exclude from consideration how a man treats women, or other men for that matter, in terms of sexual preferences, the kind of mind that can do the work of the highest executive office while playing sex games with an intern, must face the fact that his mind has become compromised. Unfortunately a man who can lead a life of deception in one way has little problem in letting the same 'moral compass' direct his mind in so many other ways. Clinton is an obvious master of the political game and sufficiently filled with his own need for feeling of self importance that he probably feels that he is entitled to some unique set of behavior standard.

It must be the ultimate 'entitlement' in an age of civil liberties to be so important that rules are not absolute, especially when they interfere with your own sexual or other whim of the moment.

Worse, is the fact that we Americans have failed to recognize that few fellow Americans can qualify to our ideal and still get elected! Why? We have let ourselves fall into a trap where government is so big and so intertwined in our lives that we do not know what kind of a president we need, or how to select such a person. We let the media guide us with twenty second sound bites and allow that our lives are too busy to search further for answers to tough questions.

Likewise the cost of getting elected is so great that all candidates have to 'sell their souls' in order to raise the money needed to pay the expense involved.

It is hoped that further chapters here will help provide a means for a better pathway to finding the right candidates.

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