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You Can't Escape God, 1978
by Richard R. Tryon, Sr.

This final commentary is intended to be updated periodically.


What is the potential effect of this book on the World's religions?

The quest and prospects for a universal theological and moral accord was given by the author in the introduction as the subject for examination in Chapter 16. Clearly, that subject was not covered in my effort to cover the history from 1973 forward to 1999 and to relate it to the twin problems of expected importance - dealing with global confrontation East vs West and overpopulation.

Turning to the subject of a quest for a Universal theological understanding, my approach has been driven by a modest effort to secure several reactions from others who have been exposed to the text written prior to 1973. It took only a cursory review from a professor of Theology at one Calvinist Seminary, and the comments of several Episcopal priests to convince this author that my father failed, as he told himself and me, to build the perfectly logical theological arguments that nobody could refute!

So, given that the book doesn’t achieve such a goal, what effect can it have on the quest for a universal theological understanding? In my opinion the answer is simply very little! Why then should the text be read? The only reasonable answer is to suggest, not claim, that efforts to gain some additional revelation that lead to the ultimate goal of a universal understanding are somehow constructive. If the questions raised in the minds of the readers are new ones, then perhaps this text contributes to the process of discovery essential if Mankind is to ultimately have a full understanding and a faith based on universally accepted knowledge. It is my guess that such a goal will be reached and when our souls reach this stage, we will be much closer to full readiness to join the legions before us who have made the journey to the condition of Atonement with the Creator.

Whether one can reach such a state here on Earth is speculative at best. It doesn’t make much difference however, if the opportunity exists with time being of no consequence, in the hereafter. If God lives forever and has no need to exist in accordance with a timetable, we certainly may presume that He will allow our souls as much time as is needed in whatever pathway that works for each of us. At best then we are living on an Earth that is full of opportunity for our self development, not just in economic and social terms, but in preparation for the hereafter.

Therefore, the goal of this text is to just serve you, the reader, as a means of stimulating your mind to consider questions that relate not just to your theological beliefs, but in turn drive your behavior in ways that help prepare your soul, such that whenever your turn comes to depart this Earth, it will be as fully prepared for advancement toward the ultimate reality as you are able to make it.

How this ties in with your personal religious practice or involvement in any established faith of any religion is fortunately, in this writer’s opinion, a matter of personal choice. Further, we will not likely ever find perfection in the practice, precepts, or leadership of any organized Church or any parish within any group, sect, or hierarchically organized faith. Fortunately, all we need to do is search as best we can to find one that seems to fit our individual preferences in terms of aiding our personal quest and that which we perceive to relate to those we love around our immediate social units of family, town or community. Obviously, as our minds resolve our questions of faith in terms of biblical history and our understanding of the meaning and significance of recorded events and ideas, we may find that we have created theological and philosophical differences with the established ‘dogma’ or our favorite church of choice. Some faiths may be more tolerant of your interpretations than others, and you may choose to keep your convictions, if different from those generally held by others within or without any church to yourself; or you may encourage others to consider your questions or perspectives gained from your own study.

But, we must also respond to the possibility that events drive our thinking too. Just in the last few years we have witnessed several profound events that may shape the environment of our development. The continued evolution of the changes in world politics in such areas as Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and China are important. They seem to be both more dynamic than in the West and also more important in terms of contributing to a world order where East and West can find a peaceful coexistence. One that may become so interdependent as to provide the opportunity for a global order. If that makes the United Nations finally become a more meaningful ingredient in the process, so be it.

The response of the world community to the aggression of Saddam Hussein was profoundly successful in terms of first showing that a united stance does stop such aggression even though the Dictator has not yet been unseated in his own country. In the early 1990’s we managed to come out of a minor economic recession, and we have the opportunity to encourage the kind of free trade that can multiply the ability of each nation’s people to multiply the use of their human and natural resources to promote a greater efficiency for all to enjoy. So far NAFTA and other free trade acts passed have been shown to be beneficial - Ross Perot not withstanding. Forces opposed will complain that individual groups stand to suffer loss of living standards as they eliminate protective tariff walls designed to give short term advantage to one group or another. These notions are always like trying to hold back water from flowing downhill. It can be done, but eventually the dam will overflow.

Therefore the final words to the reader are intended to be encouraging ones based on the idea that world leaders can make a difference. Many of us, fortunate enough to live in the U.S., may be extra lucky to have had some leaders who rose to meet the challenge of their time like President George Bush, a man who seemed to understand the opportunity for all of us to develop a better order in which to find our way to personal salvation. His experience certainly fit, in a unique way, the demands of his stewardship as a world leader. His leadership led to a stopping of Saddam Hussein, and that may have avoided something a lot closer to what Hitler managed to bring to the world’s stage. But, seven years after the stopping of the Iraqi aggression, Saddam Hussein was still in power. Does this show how hard it is to get an enslaved people out of that condition? Those with the guns know that they must perpetuate Hussein’s rule, or they will die, or at least lose their wealth and power.

The impact of all of this on the religions of the world is hard to fathom. Perhaps it is best to conclude that the on-going interactions of the dynamic process that mixes so many thoughts in so many ways is too unpredictable to try to imagine what will happen. The best conclusion may be to suggest that it doesn’t really matter just how fast or how much we see real improvements in the ability of the world’s religions to find answers that lead to a universal theology. Of this I am sure - God is in no hurry. However, it is important that we maintain the struggle for improvement, knowledge and the understanding that prepares our souls for the next step in the process of life both here and in the hereafter.

I find it very interesting that the Hubble telescope is now leading us to discover where in space other life forms may exist. The discovery of new places for planets is not surprising to me. As Christ said, “In my house there are many mansions”.

Richard R. Tryon, Jr. September 1999

January 11,2012 update

“In later chapters this book attacks many contemporary ideas and institutions of politics, economics and the Church. Recent events in world history have reinforced some of the concepts developed in this book that help explain the collapse of communism as well as moral decay in the western world. If such is prophetic, so be it.

Richard R. Tryon, Jr. Feb. 1996”

Since 1996 the world has changed in ways not imagined at that time. The collapse of Soviet Communism after 70 years was mistaken, as a sign that only one super power remained and it was the U.S., thought to have won the Cold War without firing a shot and watching only a few shot in Moscow. The switch in Eastern Europe and the countries of the old Soviet Union was swift and it led to many changes that helped most people of the region gain work and food to eat. Rampant corruption, so common during the rule of communist political leaders continued under the rise of the democratic approach, albeit on a much grander money scale, as so much more came into production with the freedom from the state planned monopoly.

Meanwhile, the rise of a new version of the East vs West contention came about over the issue of rule via civil or Sharia law under the encouragement of a radical array of religious leaders, some of which appear to have substantial following either from local preference or forced acceptance. History documents the expansion of Islam in the middle ages quite well.

In parallel, the Christian world of the West with evidences of successful missionary work in Africa and Asia as well as Central and S. America began to see a new beginning for a type of civil government under a banner of secular humanism. Its forces today constitute a factor that gives the forces of Islam an unparalleled opportunity, unless you consider its first rapid expansion to have been possible for a similar reason during a period of the Dark Ages in Europe.

These changes have profoundly complicated the views of Richard Tryon Sr. and also of this writer, as his son. If my father anticipated this possibility, I do not recall his talking or writing about it. His focus was always aimed at the Marxist proponents of collectivism and the need to seek those in a Godless world.

Mid way through the Introduction, the original RRT, Sr. text indicates:
“The Christian dialectical formula almost invariably begins, however, by reciting the New Testament's account of Jesus' life on Earth. That sequence is employed for the purpose of depicting him as having been proven divine -- so that all other elements of the related theology confirmed by the teachings and acts of Jesus himself and as though they needed no explanations to be wholly persuasive even in a science-minded modern World.”

It is fair to contend from, as dispassionate a position as possible, that Christianity appears to have made its strongest historical claim for allegiance to faith among the peoples of the Earth in times when the local population was less well informed about science and nature than is generally the case today with a few areas of notable exception due to lack of education and/or strongly biased cultures more inclined than such others as are more likely to shy away from a near total emphasis on a mystically supported sense of faith.

In a number of U.S. based, and often the best financed of Christian churches, we have seen in the past thirty years a steady trend toward a skeptical view of common elements of theological claims about the Biblical evidence of virgin birth, and resurrection to ascension. Episcopalians in the U.S., free of the central control of their antecedent controllers of theological truth in Rome, or from some latent appreciation of the role of the Anglican Church of England and its long tradition of a once a decade meeting at Lambeth with the Presiding Archbishop of Canterbury appearing as a the theological leader, have now led the way to a new kind of theology based more on the way Jesus lived than on the tenants that support miraculous claims that defy human understanding from a scientific perspective- a detractive influence that was less prevalent in past ages.

Combined with the quest for advocates of such concepts as abortion being a decision for action to be based only on the order of any mother to be or even just become; or marriage via Holy Matrimony, a Sacrament in most Christian churches, as an entitlement to be given by clergy with minimal or no expectation of any authority to make a judgment to refuse. In the ages of Civil Liberties in the U.S., for example, inclusiveness is a new PC byword. While it is far too soon to expect an acceptance of gay or lesbian duos as a logical recognition of an unproven allegation of a DNA code driven biological certainty, it appears to be gaining popularity among the masses being polled, who do not seem to want to think beyond simplistic levels of thought. For the future, it seems likely that one extension of marital commitment may well lead to other demands such as polygamy of two or more men or women attached to one or more of the opposite sex as physically perceived by the general public.

The notions of Canon Law of the Episcopal church, at least as it seems to be the practice now, seem to suggest that the solution for the leadership of TEC, the current version of what used to be called the ECUSA is to simply bide their time until all recognize that we do not need Canon Law! Just vote to abandon the idea. Yet a parallel need exists to gain authority for a federal approach to taxing and controlling program in TEC Dioceses which may dwindle in terms of numbers even as the departed members leave an ever larger accumulation of church property to the fewer members and leaders remaining.
Will we see a gradual development of a simpler Anglican faith that comes to better theological positions while learning to live cleaner and simpler lives than their opposite numbers who wish to be so inclusive as to lose track of the notion that any absolute truth exists except to fight for ownership of church property not lost to legal expense and/or taxes in the process of retaining it?

This RRT, Sr. writing of 1973 leads to New Material based on activities in many churches. Those of TEC and the Roman Catholic churches are as significant as others, but those of TEC and its current PB are easily most profoundly recognized as being controversial and debatable.

Epilogue Version 1.1 of Jan 2012

A reading of early January 6, 2012 on Epiphany or Three Kings Day which is celebrated in Puerto Rico of the Epilogue since September 1999 needs to be updated. In fact it is time to create a new book or at least a chapter or upgrade to the last two chapters written prior to 1998.

What events in history since 1998 give impact of a positive or negative sort to the ideas of the two Richard Tryons (Sr. and Jr.) as presented in You Can’t Escape God have to be considered? The following questions need to be examined:

1. What is the status now of the ideological Cold War (1945-1991) post the collapse of the Soviet Union?
2. What is the impact of the on-going history of Islamic extremist terrorism that caused physical action peaked, so far, in the 9-11-2001 disaster in the U.S.
3. Is there a connection between #1-2 above and the current political efforts around the world seeming to deal with the global economy and the possible need for a global collectivist government aimed at creating a universal effort to plan how all humans must live on a planet managed by Utopian driven thinking ‘experts’ who know best how to “Save us from ourselves” and a different form of a defined democratic approach that appears to represent the will of humanity?
4. Where does the notion of God fit into the above? Is there a special role for the PB of TEC?

In a sense, what follows here is a synopsis of what I hope others will want to study and write as extensively about as did my father, in hopes of finding what, if any discoveries like the Egyptian Pharaoh’s warrior’s chariot wheel in the shallow water, where ancient Jews made it over the Eastern arm of the Red Sea while the pursuing Egyptian soldiers and chariots for their leaders perished, as the wind and sea tide changed and came back and drowned them, leads us to any newer evidence for all of humanity to consider?

My efforts are more largely being pressed to help perfect an evidence to help feed the growing population of a world that may well be subjected to an enormous push by Utopian minded political forces to accomplish the ‘Save us from Ourselves’ syndrome by instituting a global upgrade to the horribly inept, corrupt, and one sided institution known as the United Nations. Its center piece for its continued existence with funding to keep its leaders well housed, fed and entertained, is the Global War, not on terror, but on what is no longer described as Global Warming but rather ‘Climate Change’. While its advocates admit that climate has always been changing since the ‘gases cooled’, it is their contention that Evolutionary forces always adapted to it, but this may no longer be possible, because one species of animals (plants are not being accused of irresponsible behavior) has caused the creation of more CO2 than the plants can absorb in spite of the notion that the impact of the excess CO2 is mostly to warm the atmosphere in which plants seem to thrive! More on this subject later.

More important in this update is to look at the list above in proper sequence. In 1991 as my wife Anne and I were either being bused or walking about in Leningrad, before it reclaimed it prior name of St. Petersburg, we were amazed, not only by its history but its current status. Combined with a similar stop in Moscow on the same trip with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on the last foreign tour by its conductor Sir George Solti and his wife, we were well protected as a planned tour unfolded, albeit with an unplanned opportunity to discover ‘glastnost’ and ‘peristroika’, the twin policy ideas of the then current dictator of the Soviet Union- Michail Gorbachev. To my knowledge ‘Gorby’ is now a citizen of the world and a new Russia. He was deposed in a virtually bloodless and spontaneous change, triggered by Boris Yeltsin’s act as Mayor of Moscow, of defying the Kremlin’s authority to blow him up! If the tank commander and gunner had done so, history would have been probably similar, but without Yeltsin and some number of others?

The key observation to me at the time was: Wow! Then, how long will it last? I predicted that it would take probably ten years for the new Russia to be certain that the communist central planners would not return to mess things up again so that the system could fail again! Its now been twenty plus years and the next big test is about to play out. Will Yeltsin’s successors, Vladimir Putin and Demitry Mendevev proceed now to a return of Putin? If so, Russians will have opted to the idea that a communist dictator will somehow contain corruption without destroying individual freedom that has rebuilt the nation from its days of abject failure in 1991. As this is written, protestors in Russia have shaken the Putin camp’s assumption that it doesn’t need to steal the election, as communists always assumed is necessary in order to ‘save the people from themselves’?

No, it is not safe to say that the ideological cold-war over collectivism via socialism or its stronger cousin called communism because the state takes over ownership as well as control of all planning and establishing of prices, wages, and activity. But, neither the socialist ideology or the equally collectivist control that is central to the various extremists of Islam, did not die after 1991 in Russia or in the rest of the world.

This fact of life was very well known to the other ideological war that was all but ignored and overlooked by the threat of the cold-war becoming a hot one. But history showed throughout the period of 1980 to the rude awakening in the U.S. on September 11, 2001 when four of maybe the original plan’s call for five U.S. airliners were hijacked for a purpose not previously thought possible. A desire by take-over squads of 4-5 men committed to suicide for their leaders convincing rhetoric acted. Convinced that Allah demanded that they obey the Islamic call to murder so-called infidels in America, claimed by these men to be the Great Satan’s capital proceeded. The appropriate targets were world wide known as the twin towers of American business creation known as Wall Street, and three buildings in Washington, D.C. The Pentagon being the capital of the U.S. military, it was right behind Wall St as the third target. The fourth was to have been either the U.S. Congress or the White House and not even Google knows which. If bin Laden’s computer taken from his lair in Pakistan after he was shot tells the answer, the Obama administration has not elected to inform anyone else.

But the War on Terror has now become a War against some sort of unexplainable foreign actions lead by criminals in need of capture and trial in U.S. criminal courts where, if convicted, proper prison terms can be used to rehabilitate and release such convicted persons back into society. The protest from millions of Americans prevented the President from completing his #1 campaign promise to close Guantánimo as the off shore prison for captives of campaigns aimed at driving Al Qaida and the Taliban out of Afghanistan and soon after from Iraq, but not yet from Iran or Syria, two known refuges of terrorists on the run.

The effort of the President to win friends abroad in Europe, Asia and Africa is now legendary. His consistent approach as an inferior, when presented to leaders of Islam or nations with Islamic laws and traditions, was perhaps designed to disarm notions in the media that claimed that the U.S. only wanted to exploit or control foreign lands and peoples and to prevent them from building their peace loving culture. Perhaps it has also been aimed to win the hearts and minds of infidels in its own land to ‘save them from themselves’ as targets of Islam since the 8th century.

This focus on winning the peace almost caused the removal of American military presence in 2008 when General Petraeus obtained permission for a last effort to beat the enemy was approved for a few months. By the time Obama was in office, the success was too great to ignore and the building of a new political reality in Iraq, a dream of President G.W. Bush took shape. Now with our military removed, the evidence seems to contend that a return to the time of Hussein with three clearly defined ancient feuds back in full bloom may be happening. Perhaps a new Hussein type leader can utilize something like the Baath party to control the three groups with fear of brutal suppression from a stronger central authority than any one part can match.

Will the same result in Afghanistan come about in spite of the Obama decision in 2010 to use the same Petraeus approach of winning the support of local populations and staying with them to prove it. The political decision seems to have caused the premature return of forces from Iraq and perhaps soon the error will be repeated.

Part of the reason to extract our military is economic, as the President may fear that his budget will again fail to gain traction in his controlled Senate even though normally it is the responsibility of the House of Representatives that takes up the budget request from the Executive branch of government. Perhaps the President will be seeking a way for issuing an executive order to eliminate the House as a part of the budget process, contending that we can’t afford a nation without a budget and the House is controlled by the Party that can’t say yes to what the Senate passes first.

So, where does this fit into the Epilogue of a book entitled You Can’t Escape God? How does this mini-observation of history’s ideological battles between either the contention that ideological concerns of the past are between non-religious cults of individual notions of capitalism vs those of collectivism; or the religious battle between the Jewish-Christian coalition that doesn’t create fear in the minds of Hindus, Buddists, or non-believers, but great concern and determination among zealots of Islam, who are convinced that they have no choice but to temporarily depart from the Muslim preference for Peace in order to obtain the priority of first eliminating all non-believers. Once the infidels are destroyed, by wiping first Israel off the face of the globe, then long range missiles with nukes can eliminate the infidels in the rest of the world. Perhaps Islam can then first eliminate by death its own apostates, if they fail to accept Sharia law, and then turn to Hindus and Buddhists and Chinese Han and all atheists or agnostics and offer them a way to pay a tax to avoid practicing Islam and repeat the period during the Dark Ages in Europe when Islam spread from Saudi Arabia across the North of Africa and into southern Europe.

Of course, most of the Western Hemisphere and even socialist Europe and much of Africa and Asia are not anxious to let their notions of socialism be controlled by planners who are dominated by the religious notions of Islam. In fact, Islam is not even a large U.S. minority, as it is in many European nations. This makes it almost inevitable that Islam wants to accomplish via its infiltration in this century what it failed to accomplish militarily in the 8th. How can they accomplish this and avoid a clash with tragic military consequences? The answer lies in a mating of the European and American infatuation with the need to live more simply in a way designed to save the world from self destruction by climate change and equate the standards of living with those who accept socialist planning of economic life in ways consistent with Islamic law in the East and Christian-Jewish consent to live as simply as pre-Christian Jews in terms of use of resources.

Even in the U.S. the notion of creating an intellectually pleasing Utopia persists! We tend to call its advocates liberals, but now they prefer to be called progressives! In any case, their camp is convinced that central planning is a must to control climate as well as all else about how and where we live, what we do, and who should hold what values that need to be confiscated from individuals and redistributed to party faithful and oh yes, some of the ‘dispossessed’ non-taxpayers needed to showcase the sincerity of the program instead of the sins of the perpetrators.

So, we see a plan trying to unfold in the guise of accepting a Utopian way of living simply in a reformed way that is acceptable to Islam, at least for the time being. Once that is achieved, Islam can safely build many thousands of mosques in the Western part of a united world that someone like Obama can lead, thanks to his good fortune of having been born and raised in both worlds, trained in good social planning universities like Columbia and Harvard and able to mix freely with all races, nationalities, etc.

What a fortunate juxtaposition of all the elements needed for his leadership to win! A nation enchanted with the desire to escape its temporary lack of jobs and its desire to be better world citizens at a time, when the call to stop taking so much of what we create for our own use. In the name of fairness, egalitarian provision of free entitlements for education, medical care, housing, food supplements, free transportation, power, water, and spending money, how can the U.S. expect anything but taking the one perfect time to jump for our time to show how true progressives can make our progressive system work. Our experience and superior intellectual achievement can make work that which the Russian so bravely tried to achieve back in 1917!

In the midst of the U.S. political campaign aimed at narrowing the gap between rich and poor, most folks pay no attention to the mathematical impact of inflation. If you double the prices of all incomes and stored values via inflation, what happens to the gap between rich and poor? In absolute terms it grows a lot! In terms of what the printed money will buy, it varies only to the extent that prices do not change in an exact same way unless planners control them to be the same. Supply can then do as the Russians found: some things are so cheap that supply can’t meet demand and others so costly that nobody can sees commensurate value relative to the price.

Of course, those promoting class warfare contend that the 1% is stealing from the 99% when the converse is where the truth is hiding. The 1% pay an infinitely greater tax than about two thirds of the entire array assumed to be able to work among the 99%. A significant part of that vast body today are not being counted as unemployed because they have taken unemployment benefits for all but about five weeks of a full two years.

This argument is aimed at trying to contend that job creation is not the issue but that redistribution of wealth from the 1% would somehow pay all the cost of perpetual unemployment insurance! Logic tells us that bleeding the money from those who can individually decide to take risks of creating jobs and giving it to bureaucrats to hand out to political supporters doesn’t seem to create more than temporary jobs at best. In short, individualism produces prosperity and collective assumption of responsibility for employment fails.

But, given the power of the state to maintain its control through periods of failure is not a new idea. Once the people are disarmed via a campaign to stop wanton killings by events of passion and envy, we will all be pleased to see that only the police have guns! Or will we? By then it is too late to stop the government from perpetuating itself via control of key interest groups like organized labor and endless regulation that makes it impossible for free capital investment to drive the economy.

When this happens some will remember the book called "You Can’t Escape God" and wonder did it address the circumstance of what to do when the government rules that churches will be taxed out of existence, but be replaced by the alternative Church of Secular Humanism that teaches Process Theology and how to get along with the task of subordinating individual wants in favor of collective good!

How does God respond to this? The answer is simple. There is no need for God to respond. As pointed out in the book already by George Burns when playing the part of God, he says, “I have already given you everything that you need”. Of course, it took Russians 70 years to find the way to break the stranglehold of government and they lacked the tools available now to keep the citizens in their proper place.

Where the communists used sex and alcohol, modern government can add drugs, and technology to monitor and control all of life toward the goal of making all economic and social decisions at the central planning level. Will it take half as long or twice as long or more to break down a Global government run by Obama’s successors in the new capital to replace the UN center in NYC?

After the initial inevitable purging of enemies of the state and consequent confinement and mysterious death in labor camps, will we see life for some continue as part of the 5% chosen by the government as its supreme leaders enjoy the special government only stores and the rest in the queue waiting for whatever is available to buy and use to barter exchange?

Fortunately, we can still avoid this scenario, but it will take action at the polls and during the campaign before to convince those who are out to advance the cause with the siren song of entitlements available only via a collectivist approach to the poor.
Those who want to counter this best have a super Contract With America that provides access to something better. It has to offer jobs and a superior standard of living consistent with the green environmentalist goals and means of building a future where birth control avoids excessive demands and where able bodied can work for far longer than presently allowed in order to eat.

Vertical farming on many scales as small as one’s back yard will combine with low cost alternative energy that will make the GRID obsolete along with gasoline for personal transportation. We will have to return to the doctor –patient circumstance of a personal transaction that will feed the doctor, nurses and others and provide care in exchange.

Is there anything else besides perfecting a way to unlock the potential of making Hydrogen cheaply for instant use as fuel to move us about, and drive all electrical needs to heat, cool and otherwise do most of what used to require human muscle to accomplish? Is there something that stands in the way of a progressive Utopia?

Can it be the PB of TEC? The infamous PB Jefferts-Shori and her campaign to rebuild the Anglican, the Protestant and the other bastion of Christendom by freeing all from the error she perceives, among many others, that can gain sufficient attention to compete and give the World a chance to orient itself to Secular Humanism instead of Sharia law under the authority of Islam?

She really has only one card to play! Debating details of fact as related to biblical translations will never give global focus to her quest for a universal religion based on her notion of religious laws that can be accepted as superior to Islamic faith in Sharia. It is the universal fixation on the one force that our God knew was essential to all of plant and animal life of any and all dimensions from one celled forms to giants of history. All die off without a predisposition to procreation.

Yes, her key to getting attention is sex! All she needs to gain focus is to show how God created sex as a life force only exceeded by the needs of short-term survival. Her main means of support, needed to rebuild Christianity is to overcome ancient pre-biblical inhibitions about her conviction that all manner of what has been mislabeled as sexual aberrant behavior is perfectly normal just because God made either DNA variants prone or cultural encouragements accomplish in other ways be possible.

If she wins the argument and sexual freedom knows no legal limitations, so that polygamy is as acceptable as are the needs of gays, lesbians, and all other variations that can be defined, then the East-West will not unite because Islam and all other non-Christian parts of the Eastern World will fail to join, what has she accomplished? She could drive the Western World to secular humanism and a collective form of socialism that is also at odds with the East and with a history of failure to endure in the West as well as the East.

If she loses the argument and Christians, Jews and most others contend that she has not proven that the aberrations are God driven genetically acceptable ways to be encouraged in a just society, then what happens to the E-W tension? The moral issues about sex remain insofar as Sharia law over marital rights and responsibilities are concerned. Equally significant then is to sense the answer to the E-W contention between individualism vs collectivism.

Will the world of Islam remain as a collectivist camp of poverty ruled by Imams who yield special individual rights but only to men? Or will it yield to forms of democracy that spread these rights to women and profoundly change Sharia law?

Yes, there will be a need to re-examine this array of thinking in the future, if nuclear tensions do not first destroy all chance of doing so.

By May 15, 2021 it is important to add that four years of MAGA produced abundant evidence of great progress for all poorly and artificially defined minorirties had advanced along weith the surge of economic success ever seen.
Then just as it seemed the game was over and the system of individualism had shown all how collectivism can only fail, a global event of proportionnot known since the plagues of the middle ages seemed to happen.

We now know that the W.H.O. had been encouraged by the U.S. CDC leaders, and a veteran 'spark-plug' of his college basketball team, gave the world 11 special medical disease control the combined mission of How to Save us from Ourselves in a mediclal way by searching for ultimate changes in viruses along wieth vaccines to cope wieth them before some 'rogue' nation with evil intent did one without the other! Perhaps it was only an accident that the Lab in Wuhan, China that took Covid 19, pehaps given it from a US military source and accidentally it escaped. At the critical moment, Chairman Xi informed President Trump that this virus does not spread easily. He knew because his wife is key to the WHO! Next a convenient British University released a study that made the hole world be swamped with FEAR! A plague or Pandemic would kill a large pefcentage of Humankind!

The computer code was faulty! Too late, the panic sut down U.S. industry, and the whole economy. Millions of jobs were lost - far more than lives of mosetly retired Americans and some parts of the world know even less about how many have had and beaten it witout being counted! We may never know that or how many suffered as much as the childen who were denied quality social as well as knowledge education?

As we emerge from the huge real but vastly faulty pefiod, other international events are underway. The first is in process in tiny GAZA vz the Goliath Israel.
China will be cautious, but likely to use the moment to try to quickly seize Taiwan, as well as Hong Kong. Only lack of experience in how to duplicate the Eisenhower feat of June 6, 1944 will hold this effofrt in check.

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