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The Tryon Family In America
by Wesley Tryon

Second Generation


JOSEPH TRYON 2.1a, eldest son of William Tryon 1.1 and Mary (Steele) Tryon, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., in 1671. He "chose medicine as his profession (and studied with Dr. Buckley). He was one of the first to vaccinate for smallpox and because hd s~aved the lives of so many of the soldiers of the colony in this manner he was commended by the General Assembly of the colony." (This quote from,Rev. Brown.) At the age of 20, Joseph came to Glastonbury and married Lydia Bird, at Glastonbury, Dec. 5, 1691. Dates of her birth and death were not found. He died at Glastonbury Apr. 4, 1738, in his 67th year. He appears to have been in Glastonbury in 1693, and became a land owner in 1694, when he received a grant from the public lands of the town. The inscription on his tombstone at Wethersfield reads: "Here Lies the Body of Doctor Joseph Tryon who died April 4, 1738 in the 67 year of His Age." James Owens Tryon, of Athens, N. Y., furnished the following list of children of Joseph and Lydia to Mrs. Barner 10.30a in 1960, but his source of information was not revealed: Mary A. 3.1a, Lydia 3.1b, Rachel 3.1c, Joseph 3.1d,
Agnes 3.1e, Benjamin 3.1f.

DAVID TRYON 2.1b, second son of William Tryon 1.1 and Mary (Steele) Tryon, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., in 1672 or 1673. On Aug. 25, 1698, at Wethersfield, he married Hannah Waddams (another source spells it Wadhams), a daughter of John and Hannah Waddams, of Wethersfield, by John Clinton, J. P. She was born in 1680. David resided in Wethersfield until 1719, resided in Middletown from 1721 until 1723. In September 1725, he was living in Glastonbury. He was a ship builder, and died at Wethersfield before Dec. 23, 1730. According to Rev. Alonzo B. Chapin, published in 1853 in Glastonbury, Conn.: "David gave land to his 3 sons, David, Noah, and Ezra." The recorded children of David and Hannah were:
Hannah 3.2a, David 3.2b, John 3.2c, Jonathan 3.2d, Susannah 3.2e, Joanna 3.2f, Noah 3.2g, Benjamin 3.2h, Ezra 3.2i, Charles 3.2j.
Early Connecticut wills show that David's widow Hannah filed Dec. 23, 1730, lists sons Benjamin, 18 years; Ezra, 14 years; and Charles, with Jonathan as guardian of his brothers.

SARAH TRYON 2.1c, first daughter of William Tryon 1.1 and Mary (Steele) Tryon, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., about 1675. She married John Gillitt, son of Sgt. Jeremiah Gillitt and Deborah (Bartlett) Gillitt, at Wethersfield on Apr. 7, 1697, by Rev. Stephen Mix. John was born about 1673, and was baptized July 20, 1712. Sarah died at Newton, Conn., May 15, 1758, aged 83 years. John died between Feb. 26, 1763, and Feb. 2, 1770, date of his will and probate. There
were eight children: Abel Gillitt 3.3a, William Gillitt 3.3b, John Gillitt 3.3c, Hannah Gillitt 3.3d, Sarah Gillitt 3.3e, Samuel Gillitt 3.3f, Mary Gillitt 3.3g, Hope Gillitt 3.3h.

THOMAS TRYON 2.1d, third son of William Tryon 1.1 and Mary (Steele) Tryon, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., about 1678, and died before 1748. He was a merchant, and married Abigail (---), lived at Glastonbury, Conn., and Wallingford, Vt., and fathered at least six children, names of only four found: Thomas, Jr., 3.4a, Timothy 3.4b,
Abell 3.4c, Elyard or Eloid 3.4d. The Court of Wallingford, New Haven County, Vt., appointed William Tryon, of Glastonbury, Conn. to be guardian of Abell and Elyard in 1748, and a year later, when Abell was 14, he chose Lieut. Josiah Robinson, of Wallingford, to be his guardian. This from Probate Record 1745-1750, p. 671.

ABEL TRYON 2.1e, fourth son of William Tryon 1.1 and Mary (Steele) Tryon, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., about 1682. He became a merchant in Middletown, Conn., in 1702,and married Abiah Birdsey Hunnewell in 1703. We find her first name spelled Abial, Abiall, Abiel, and Biall. She was born in Middletown in 1683, a daughter of John Birdsey and Elizabeth (Harris) Birdsey, and a grand daughter of Capt. Daniel Harris and his wife Mary (Welds) Harris. The name of Abiah's father was Birdsey, but after the death of her first husband, her mother married John Hunnewell, and he evidently adopted Abiah and her name became Hunnewell. Abel and Abiah were baptized as "Abel Tryal and his wife Abiel" into the Middletown First Church, Aug. 6, 1704. Abel died in Middletown, Jan. 29, 1760, aged 78 years, and Abiah died at the same place, Nov. 30, 1756, aged 73 years. They are both buried at Farm Hill Yard Cemetery, near Middletown. Eleven children are found in the record: Sarah 3.5a,
Eunice or Unis 3.5b, Thomas 3.5c, Abel 3.5d, William 3.5e, Elizabeth 3.5f, Mary 3.5g, Charles 3.5h, Rachel 3.5i, Elizabeth 3.5j, Prudence 3.5k.
Middletown Land Records, vol. 2: p. 151 says: "Lands of Abell Tryon, Recorded to him and his heirs forever. March the 11th 1705/6. To one parcell of upland on the west side of the Connecticut River, within the township of Middletown at a place known by the name of hop Swamp which pece or parcell of land was given Abiell now the wife of above Abell Tryon and is in quantite forty acres and a halfe little more or less & buts on a highway East, on the land bought by John Stow West, on the land of Isaac Johnson North, and on Lands given to Thankful Bodwell and Lands of Isaac Johnson South; as may mor fully appeare by the Above Said Captt Harrisses Last Will and Testament. Desired to be thus entered on Records by the Executrs. of the same. John Harris Samll Bodwell pr. me John Hamlin Registor. "

Abstract of Deed, Middletown Land Records, vol. 3, p. 199: "Quit Claim Deed, Dated the fourth day of December, in the first year of the Reign of oe Souverin Lord George, King of Great Brittain & o - Anno que Domini, 1714. Ack. at Middletown the 4th Day of Deceme. Anno. Domini, 1714 before John Hamlin Assistt. Recorded Decembre, 27th 1714. pr. Joseph Rockwell, Recorde."

"To all Christian people unto Whose Knowledge these presents shall come - Abil Tryon of Middletown In the Country of Hartford & Colony of Connecticut In his magesties territories of New England, with Biall his Wife sendest greeting, know ye that the sd. Abil Trion with Biall his Wife for Divers good Causes and nathurable considerations them here unto moving more especially for the sum of five pounds Currant money of New England In hand payd att or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents, by Joseph Johnson of the same County & Colony afore sd. the Receipt whereof is by the above sd. Trions hereby acknowledged & themselves fully Contented Sattisfied & payed; Hath Given, Granted bargained sold made over assigne disposed alienated enforffed & Confirmed - Likewise the said Abil Trion, Biall his Wife by this present Instrument from their heirs executors & administrators: Doth Give Grant bargain Sell Make over assigne and absolutely Confirm unto the sd. Joseph Johnson, his heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns forever quit Claim unto the sd. Joseph Johnson & to every of his foresaids, all the right title Interest and Propriatary In & unto one certain part of a lettment of Land within the bounds of Middletown, and all the buildings thereon & appurtenances thereto belonging which Land contains about four acres little more or less, It being the Northermos part of a lottment of Land which did belong to Thomas Harriss, sometime of said Middletown deceased & he leaving no Issue now survieing: the Estate was distributed or sett out to the next of kin & the above sd. four acres of Land or thereabouts was sett out to the heirs of Elizabeth Hunnewell, deceased & Biall the wife of Abil Trion above named, being daughter to the sd. Elizabeth Hunnewell, & their part in the above sd. Lands being one equill quarter part; which lands are bounded Easterly on the farm highway, West on John Harrissis land, Northerly on the land of Widdow Mary Johnson land; and Suttrly on land sett out to Hannah Sprage, a part of the same lot, which four acres above specified is sixteen Rods wide at the East bounds & fourteen Rods wide att the West bounds it being the width of the lott; together with all the singular the soiltrees fruittrees stones mines mineralls grass hearbage waters profits privileges & apurtenances, Rents & yearly benefits; as also their part of the barn standing on sd. land; the whole of the above sd. Trions Right & title to the above sd. deceased Thomas Harrissis estate In every part thereof except moveables. ***Signed by Abel Tryoun Biall Tryoun (by mark) Witnesses: Joseph Rockwell, John Rockwell."

ZIBA or ZYBAH TRYON 2.1f, fifth son of William Tryon 1.1 and Mary (Steele) Tryon, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., about 1684. He was married to Dorothy Baldwin, a daughter of Samuel Baldwin and Abigail (Baldwin) Baldwin, of Guilford, Conn., by Rev. John Chester, Justice of the Peace, on Sept. 2, 1708. She was born Dec. 27, 1683. Ziba bought land the year he was married, and sold the same in Weathersfield the year he and his son James moved to New Fairfield. He bought the land of Nathan Hollister at New Fairfield on Jan. 27, 1738. He died there Dec. 26, 1753, aged 69 years, and Dorothy died on May 6, 1758, aged 75 years. Governor Baldwin, first Governor of Michigan, was related to Dorothy. Children of Ziba and Dorothy were;
James 3.6a,
Rowland 3.6b,
Dorothy 3.6c,
Oliver 3.6d,
Samuel 3.6e.

ELIZABETH TRYON 2.1g, second daughter of William Tryon 1.1 and Mary (Steele) Tryon, was born at Wethersfield, Conn. about 1686. She married Joseph Hills, Jr., son of Joseph Hills Sr., and --- (---) Hills, at Glastonbury, Conn., June 10, 1708. He was born at Glastonbury, and died there, dates unknown. Elizabeth's death date is also unknown. Seven children are recorded:
Dudley Hills 3.7a,
Elizabeth Hills 3.7b,
Hannah Hills 3.7c,
Joseph Hills 3.7d,
Susannah Hills 3.7e.,
Benjamin Hills 3.7f,
John Hills 3.7g.

MABEL TRYON 2.1h, third daughter of William Tryon 1.1 and Mary (Steele) Tryon, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., about 1687 or 1688. One source says she died a spinster, while another says she married Thomas Miller, Jr., at Middletown Conn., Nov. 19, 1714. No further information about her.

ABIEL TRYON 2.1i, first son of William Tryon 1.1 and Sarah Saint (Robinson) Lattimer Tryon, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., in 1695. At age 36 he married Hannah Northway, daughter of George Northway, at Wethersfield on Nov. 11, 1731, by David Goodrich, Justice of the Peace. She was born Oct. 12, 1706. Another source gives her maiden name as Inchway. They settled at Glastonbury, and the year of the birth of Abiel was copied from the gravestone. When 17 years of age, he chose Abraham Kilbourn to be his guardian. Death dates of Abiel and Hannah are not found. Eight children are recorded:
George 3.9a,
Josiah 3.9b,
Abijah 3.9c,
Hannah 3.9d,
Eli or Elijah 3.9e,
Aaron 3.9f,
William 3.9g,
Moses 3.9h.

JONATHAN LATTIMER, son of Sarah Saint (Robinson) Lattimer and Bezaleel Lattimer, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., Sept. 24, 1681. He married Abigail Rose, July 6, 1704. He died Nov. 27, 1711. They had at least four children:
Charles, born Sept. 10, 1705;
David, born July 10, 1707;
Jonathan, born Nov. 27, 1709; and
Anna, born Sept. 28, 1711.
(This from Wethersfield Church Records and Early Connecticut Probate Records, Vol. II, 1700-1729.

BATHSHEEBA LATTIMER, daughter of Sarah Saint (Robinson) Lattimer and Bezaleel Lattimer, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., Feb. --, 1688. She married Josiah Atwood, son of Thomas Atwood and Abigail (--) Atwood, Feb. 16, 1709 or 1710. He was born Oct. 4, 1678. No death date for either. Their children were:
Abigail Atwood,
Oliver Atwood,
Jedediah Atwood,
Josiah Atwood, Jr.,
Hezekiah Atwood,
Abner Atwood.
Further record of this family is given in detail in "Ye Atte Wode Annals," part 6, published 1929, by Elijah Francis Attwood.

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