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by Richard R. Tryon and others

Starting with a contribution from Charles Nicholson of Bloomington, IL published in his local paper, we have expanded to show how fascism and communism produce the same results.

Time for Americans
to rediscover liberty
It seems like nobody really believes in anything anymore, and everyone spends their life buried in work and in play so as not to face fact or reality. Terms are being redefined and used to manipulate, coerce and intimidate the populace into accepting things that we have been taught are wrong.

Terms such as Christian, right wing, constitutionalist, fundamentalist, conservative, patriot and traditionalist are now being considered by many to be synonyms for bigotry, prejudice and hatemongering.

Of course, if the hated “right” used the same tactics their actions would be condemned as “hate crimes.”

The liberal revolutionaries have launched their stealth weapon, tolerance. It has made its way past our defenses and has hit our culture. Their slick propaganda teaches that all is relative, floating down on the warm breezes of unity.

If you do not agree, you are labeled as a judgmental bigot. This cultural communism redefines sexuality, spirituality, God and religion. Truth becomes lies and lies become truth. Don’t teach right from wrong.

In George Orwell’s book, “l984,” we see such tactics called “newspeak.” It short-circuits and demonizes basic reality and truth. Then people are incapable of logical thought and analytical deduction. Mind control is people control.

Years ago, seeds of destruction were sown into this nation by some who prized themselves as intellectuals. These seeds today have brought such spiritual diseases upon us as liberalism, humanism, socialism and communism. All are basically centered on the concept that “the only god of man is man himself.”

America didn’t fall into this predicament by accident; it was pushed. America is a victim of a diabolical plot first started in Bavaria in 1776 with the creation of the Luciferian Order of the Illuminati an ultra-secret society slowly working its plan over the years.

Its goal is the destruction of all national governments and sovereignty and the creation of a global new world order A global plantation where Big Brother Government is god.

Americans no longer have the luxury of indifference. It’s time to wake up and smell the fascism.
Charles Nicholson
Bloomington, IL

by Richard R. Tryon:

Kudos and thanks are due to Charles Nicholson for his articulate ‘wake-up’ call. He has managed to contribute in a few words, which is all of the space a local paper will provide, a cogent summary of the major problem we Americans face and most of us do not even know it!

I have chosen to put this letter under the Politics and the Opinion heading of Totalitarianism with the following comments which are far more extensive. I hope they invite more from our readers.

1. While Mr. Nicholson points to an ancient secret society, he might as well have pointed to a much larger and more open one called Communism or Marxism. While its most open practitioners today are found in places like Cuba, and China, thousands of intellectuals are still certain that man can not achieve his/her ultimate goal in life until we surrender our freedom to those who run the state and know best how to “save us from ourselves”.

Fascism is really the same idea although its point of capture of control is politically coming from the right rather than the left. In other words, gain control of the power to manage all that is owned by individuals and you achieve the same dictatorial power enjoyed by those who seize ownership in the name of the state. Although the German form of fascism of the 30’s and 40’s was similar to that of Japan and Italy, it brought forth under its Nazi party control not only the major leadership of WWII, but also the greatest evidence of brutality to people via the Holocaust that killed not only six million Jews, but many tens of thousands more that the state decided were not needed.

Our American political-economy is the target of both the left and the right extremes. Communists would seize all property in the name of the people- an idea that is not very welcome in the U.S.; while the Fascists prefer to use creeping socialism as a mask for their insidious means of gaining control via regulation and manipulation of the laws and courts. The so-called ‘right wing’ fundamental religious groups are easy prey for some of the so-called interim goals of the fascists. Others are not immune.

Fear is the tool that is used by both extreme camps to gain power. One favorite point of attack for those seeking such power is to encourage concern over the nature of a global economy. Ross Perot, for example, helped Clinton beat Bush by shouting loud and clearly that NAFTA would cause major unemployment in the U.S. We would be able to hear the “giant sucking sound” as our good jobs all fled to Mexico. Eight years later we have just 4% unemployed and many good jobs begging for competent people.

Some will protest that the figures fail to show that such low unemployment is due to the fact that a large group of people now work two jobs to earn the same purchasing power they used to enjoy from one!  That is, of course, possible if the old job was a union based high paying one where the value of the work being performed was artificially forced to a level beyond the real value in a global economy for that kind of work. In the last fifty years we have surrendered our former global leadership for the production of steel, rubber tires, automobiles, and a whole host of other industries ranging from electronics to broom corn and broom production. But, we did not give those jobs away as much as they were taken away as the rest of the world learned to do them more efficiently or without artificial values being engineered via power tactics of organized labor. Obviously many from this camp are now retired and their children have learned to be high paid workers in new industries. True we eat out a lot more now, so many new workers learn to work at MacDonalds before getting an education and a better job.

Those who yearn for the ‘good old days’ when any steel worker, with limited education, could command such a high paying job, have learned to be highly paid in specialty steel making jobs. Even truck drivers today have moved into a new era. They drive bigger rigs that they own and they make a higher standard of living by hauling more value per hour than their predecessors could do in the hey-day of the Teamsters. And they do it without paying the Mafia in the process! Some of them drive sleepers with their spouses!

2. A second type of fear to sell is peddled by those who clamor for government to provide ever higher levels of medical support. The current call is for a Rx subsidy. In reality, it means we can all kick in tax dollars, raise the prices of administration and the cost of drugs, and then kid ourselves into thinking we have won a wonderful new entitlement! Both Republicans and Democrats play to the idea that this is needed to give the poor a level playing field with the rich! In reality it is just another scam by the politicians to make us more dependent upon them!

3. In education we realize that we have failed to teach our children to read. We have also failed to motivate them to want to learn in all too many cases. This has lead to programs, at great expense, that do not work. The teachers unions are full of incompetent teachers and they want to listen to Clinton saying we need 100,000 more of them so as to make even lower the size of the average class. Of course, that requires lots of new buildings too. If we surrender control of the local schools to the state and/or the federal government, we can count on a universally poor result, managed centrally at greater expense. No wonder alternative education is gaining on the public school system.

Loyalists to the public system are now organizing community fund raising programs to pay for school needs that the mandated and tax payments do not cover. Why not let the PTA take over with the school boards and local taxes, and get the federal and state government out of the funding and control of schools? Bleeding hearts say that some districts are then better off than others and such is not fair in an egalitarian system. They fail to see that some alternative plans will provide for those motivated students who seek a superior education; and they fear that those others will miss out! They are missing out now because they attend but do not learn. Perhaps new ways can be found to build an educational approach that works. It is not possible to generate it via an industrial union controlled teacher system that must treat all teachers and students alike.

So, the real problem is finding a way to discourage the birth of children into an environment where their social and genetic heritage fails to make them competitive or willing to be motivated. As long as welfare will take care of some people, they see little need to want to study or work!

4. The current system of providing medical care and retirement support now represent the largest parts of our huge federal budget.Even though industry has provided record employment and record federal income, the politicians can not seem to find a way to use the surplus in the right way. They argue over debt reduction, tax reduction and underwriting of the present and future costs of Medicare and S.S. benefits, ignoring the fact that these two ‘benefits’ were ‘sold’ to the taxpayers as things that would be ‘self-funding’. In fact, the original Social Security tax in 1937 was set at 3%, 1.5% from the first $3,000 of employees wages and the other half to be matched by employers. It is now a combined 15.5% of virtually all wages now paid out and still it is not enough for a future when the ‘baby boomers’ retire. We simply must generate an investment portion of SS to provide for the future with far greater funding availability than can be extracted from future wage earners.It takes five working now to pay for two now retired. In twenty years only two will be trying to pay five!

Medical care is perhaps the thorniest problem that provides the opportunity for fear to be sold to the voters. Politicians want you to think that only they can provide the level of care you will need; and in the future that may go on till you are 120 years old, thanks to life extending advances in medicine. What politician is going to tell you that you don’t really need to spend 120 years on Earth preparing for the Hereafter! First, so-called separation of church and state doctrines are implying that we have a loving God that can more for our souls than can the state! Politically correct politicians are prone to allowing that ‘you only live once and then it is over’, so you are entitled to all that you can get while alive- vote for me to get it for you.

5. On second thought, one other issue is tougher- abortion! To grapple with it you are invited to look for the subject on this web site in the political or opinion sections.

Obviously, it is fair to say that the Charles Nicholson call to ‘wake-up’ is a serious one and it is going to take some study to learn about the issues and decide how the current political process will be affected by your action or inaction.

But do keep in mind that getting out of totalitarian state is a lot harder then getting into it! Ask any German who lived in the 30’s, Russian of the 20’s, or Chinese of the 50’s or Cuban of the 60’s. The price of extrication is high!

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