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The adventures of the Tryon clan
by Richard R. Tryon

This section is reserved for publishing of submitted obits of members of the Tryon family- male and female!

At the time of the creation of this section, we are able to note the obituary of one of the better known Tryons of the 20th century, actor and writer Thomas Tryon. It is a curious coincidence that his father may have been the last of the clan to live in Weathersfield, Conn, home of the first Tryon to live in America, who arrived in 1662, not 1640 as reported in the obit below.

Headline: Thomas Tryon, film actor and novelist, dies
Publication Date: September 05, 1991 Date of death: September 4, 1991
Source: San Francisco Examiner
Page: A-17
Region: Pacific Rim; San Francisco Metro, California
Obituary: LOS ANGELES -Thomas Tryon, who gave up a career as a Hollywood leading man to become the best-selling author of such books as "The Other," "Harvest Home" and "Crowned Heads," died Wednesday. He was 65. Mr .Tryon died of stomach cancer at his Hollywood Hills home, according to publicist Judy Hilsinger .
In an interview in October, Mr.Tryon attributed his switch from movies to the literary world to the abuse he suffered from the terrible-tempered Otto Preminger .
The director gave Mr. Tryon his biggest role, the lead in a film based on the best-selling "The Cardinal." "On the second day of filming, Preminger fired and rehired me within one hour," Mr. Tryon recalled. "He repeatedly berated me in front of the whole company, calling me a lousy actor."
He was also directed by Preminger in "In Harm's Way" with John Wayne and Henry Fonda, and appeared in "The Glory Guys" and TV westerns. After reading Ira Levin's "Rosemary's Baby," Mr.Tryon was inspired to write his own suspense novel, "The Other." Its huge success prompted him to abandon acting. "I had a good run," he said in 1990. "I could have gone on, but I was afraid someone was going to holler at me."
Mr. Tryon was born Jan.14,1926, in Hartford, Conn., and grew up in nearby Wethersfield, where his ancestors settled in 1640. Wethersfield became the setting for many of his books.
His first acting roles came in films such as "Screaming Eagles" and "I Married a Monster from Outer Space." His career improved when Walt Disney cast him in a series of TV westerns based on the legend of "Texas John Slaughter."
"The Other," his 1971 Gothic tale of tragedies caused by 12-year-old twins, proved a huge success. Last year's "The Wings of the Morning" was meant to be the start of a series of historical novels called "Kingdom Come," about two families in a New England town. The second volume, "By the Rivers of Babylon," will be published by Alfred Knopf next spring.
Mr.Tryon is survived by two brothers, A. Lane Tryon of West Hartford, Conn., and William Tryon of Farmington, Conn. Private services are being planned.

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