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The adventures of the Tryon clan
by Richard R. Tryon

This section is just a listing in order received of updates of this sort. No effort has been made to integrate corrections to Wes Tryon's work or to add to it from information provided, but that may happen somehow and someday.

This letter is from Nan VanWie

Had I sent the info about my first cousin, and his line to you? I can't remember. So, here it is:

Peter Trask Coe born 27 July 1936 Utica, Oneida, New York. His is living. He married Marlene Riccitello 7 Sep 1963 Schenectady, NY.

Peter's Father was Raymond Trask Coe born 1 Nov 1910 Middletown,Connecticut. He married Winifred Dorothy Primeau 28 June 1935 Clinton, Oneida, New York
Raymond died 3 May 1976 Schenectady, NY. Winifred was born 4 May 1810 Schenectady and died 6 March 1974. She was the daughter of Elzear Primeau (from Quebec, Canada) and Ida Mae Burrell.

Raymond Trask Coe was the son of Edwin Tryon Coe and Emily Jane Trask. Edwin Tryon Coe was born 18 July 1863 Middlefield, Connecticut, and died 15 Apr 1911 Middlefield. He married Amelia Dency Coe 25 March 1886 in Middlefield. Amelia was the daughter of Elias C. Coe and Hannah Tryon. Amelia was born 13 Apr 1838 Middlefield, CT.

Hannah Tryon was born 26 Oct 1791 Middletown, CT. The book shows that she died as a child. This is incorrect. She married Elias C. Coe 11 Apr 1811 in CT and had the following children:

1. Seth Coe born 16 Jan 1812 Middletown died 16 May 1818 Middletown.
2. Sophia Coe born 29 March 1814 Middletown married Lewis Coe 22 Dec 1836 CT
3. Ebenezer Jackson Coe born 3 May 1817 Middletown died 11 May 1889. Married Phoebe Birdsey 3 Apr 1839 CT.
4.Harriet Tatnall Coe born 9 March 1821 Middletown died 25 Aug 1888 West Haven, CT married Alvin Bennett Coe 30 Dec 1841 CT
5. Roxana Coe born 26 Apr 1827 CT
6. Henry Seth Coe born 7 Jun 1830 CT
7. Amelia Dency Coe born 13 Apr 1838 Middlefield married Goerge Augustus Coe 31 Oct 1858 CT. George was the son of Nelson Coe and Phebe S. Crowell.

There is another descendant, Richard Coe Phipps, who is alive and well and living in Tennessee at the moment. He is the son of Esther Amelia Coe, a daughter of Edwin Tryon Coe and Emily Jane Trask. Esther Amelia was born 30 March 1902 Middlefield. She married Chester Daniel Phipps 30 Sep 1922 Portland, CT. Esther Amelia is still living and is 99 years old.

I hope this info is interesting to you. Thanks again for your help.


The following material is submitted by Karen Mason
to add missing information regarding the family of
Jedediah Tryon 5.88f and Belinda Jones Tryon that
deals with Elizabeth Ann Tryon

From Wes Tryon's book her number would be 6.169f. She was the daughter of Jedediah Tryon 5.88f and Belinda Jones Tryon.

Wes Tryon's work shows that Elizabeth Ann Tryon 6.169, married Elam Hervey Rogers. The dates are all correct but the fact that they had no children is incorrect. They actually had 9 children. The names and dates are:

Modified Register for Elizabeth Anne Tryon

First Generation

1. Elizabeth Anne Tryon was born on 11 Jun 1807 in Saybrook, CT. She was christened on 12 Aug 1810. She died on 27 Feb 1886.

Elizabeth married Elam Hervey Rogers son of Ichabod Rogers III and Rhonda Blakesley Southworth on 16 Nov 1826. Elam was born on 19 Jan 1805 in Middletown, CT. He died on 13 Mar 1881.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i. George Washington Rogers was born on 11 Aug 1827. He died on 17 Apr 1880.

3 M ii. Hervey Rogers was born on 18 Jan 1829 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT.

He was a surveyor and inventor, Res. In California. Unmarried.

4 M iii. Watson Brewer Rogers 1 was born on 23 Jun 1834 in Saybrook CT.

He was second mate of the ship "Ocean Queen," which left liverpool England Feb
1856 and was never heard from again.

5 M iv. Cephas Brainerd Rogers 2 was born on 20 Dec 1836 in Saybrook CT.

He resided in Meriden since early boyhood, exepting the period between 1857 and
1866, when we was in the hotel business, first in New Haven, then in New York City.
In 1866 Cephas and his two brothers, Gilbert and Wilbur F. became partners in the
manufacture of silverplated ware in Meriden. The business has grown to immense
proportions adn the goods have always been of the best. His marked ability is shown
by the positions he has held in the commercial world, -- president of the firm of C.
Rogers & Bro of Meriden, and of Maltby, Henley & Co. of New York; vice presidentof
Rogers Silver Plate Co. of Danbury, Ct; director in the First National Bank of Meriden,
etc. Methodism has found in him, for over forty years, an earnest worker adn liberal
contributor, and the church has honored him with positions of highest trust and
responsibility, which he has filled with credit. He is president of the board of trustees
of the First Church and was lay delegate to the Ge3neral Conference held in Chicago,
May 1900. He has also been a trustee of the Wesleyan University for more than
twenty years.

Rogers, Cephas Brainerd 1836-1919
Who Was Who in America. A component volume of "Who's Who in American History." Volume 1, 1897-1942. Chicago: A.N. Marquis Co., 1943. (WhAm 1)

Cephas married Margaret Clark . Margaret was born on 1 Mar 1848 in New York City, NY.

No children.

+ 6 M v. Gilbert Rogers was born on 4 Jul 1838. He died on 8 Jan 1917.

+ 7 M vi. Wilbur Fiske Rogers was born on 18 Jul 1841.

8 F vii. Isabella Virginia Rogers was born on 14 May 1844 in Saybrook CT. She died on 21 Mar 1846.

+ 9 F viii. Isabella Virginia Rogers was born on 21 Jun 1846.

10 M ix. Nathaniel Burton Rogers was born on 6 Jul 1848 in Saybrook CT.

Database: Danbury, Connecticut: Town History, 1684-1896

This company was organized in 1886 with a capital of $10,000. In 1888 the factory
was destroyed by fire, and soon after the company bought the site where stands their
present factory. The business has developed very rapidly of late, until there is now
$100,000 invested in it, with over two hundred employés, and branch offices in New
York City , Chicago , St. Louis , and San Francisco . The President of the company is
N. Burton Rogers . The Danbury Medical Printing Company was organized in 1890
under the laws of the State of Connecticut . Its beginning was the New England
Medical Monthly, a publication started in 1881 at Sandy Hook, Conn. , with Dr. W. C.
Wile as editor and proprietor. In 1886 Dr. Wile was called to a medical professorship
in Philadelphia , where he remained a year. He then came to Danbury and
commenced here the publication of the New England Monthly in a barn. To-day it has
a fine three-storied brick building on Foster Street, all its own and filled with modern
machinery. It is capitalized for $100,000, and has forty employés. It now publishes
the New England Medical Monthly, the Prescription, and the Drug Reporter. Its
President and Treasurer is W. C. Wile . During the year 1891 a few of the business
men of Danbury became interested in certain inventions of machines and processes
for the manufacture of twist drills, which led to the organization of the T. & B. Tool
Company. This company acquired control of these inventions, and after a systematic
study of the methods of manufacture of this product undertook to design a complete
equipment of special machinery for this purpose. These machines were built for the
company and installed in one of the buildings of the Tweedy Manufacturing Company
on River Street, where there are now employed about seventy operatives, producing
about ten thousand twist drills of various sizes per week, besides a variety of other
tools for metal working. The consumption of these tools by manufacturers and
builders of machinery and iron works of all classes is large, while their manufacture is
carried on principally by some eight concerns, who not only supply the drills which
are used in this country, but have a large export trade, as outside of the United
States their production is very limited. The system of manufacture employed by this
company is unique and original, and believed to possess important advantages over
those of other manufacturers. This is an up-to-date industry, doing all kinds of model
and experimental work, and designs and builds entire any kind of special sewing
machine used in hatting or any other business. This is another thriving industry. It fits
out hat factories with all latest improved machinery, imports and deals in hatters'
supplies and general merchandise, and makes a specialty of wood blocks and flanges.
It has branches in England , France , Vienna , Barcelona , Rio de Janeiro , and
Melbourne . The architects of Danbury are Foster Brothers, W. W. Sunderland , F. C.
Olmstead , E. W. Gilbert , and the Danbury Building Company. There are fifteen firms
of carpenters and builders, nine carriage manufacturers, five manufacturers of
harness and leather goods, three soda-water manufacturers, and ten manufacturers
of cigars. All the various lines of business that are to be found in any city of its size
are here in Danbury . The average increase of all branches may be suggested by the
fact that where a century ago James Seil was the "only barber," and in 1840 Homer
Peters filled the same position, to-day the list of barbers in Danbury numbers twenty-
seven. As the town and its business grew, the demand for a better means of
transportation began to make itself felt. There are in every age and every community,

fortunately, progressive spirits who are always restless because they are always
looking for something better than what is already possessed. Danbury was blessed
with this element, and those who composed it chafed under the limitations of the
stage coach and the slow plodding road wagons. In 1825 , when the Erie Canal
project was being agitated, public attention throughout the country was directed to
the subject of inside water communication, and the agitation reached Danbury ,
being drawn here by the progressive spirits of that day. It was proposed to run a
canal from Danbury to tide-water at Westport . Even a survey was made, the line
following near to that of the present railroad as far down as Redding , where it
crossed over to the Saugatuck Valley and thence to Westport . It was proposed to
use Neversink Pond as a feeder to the canal. The levels taken showed the Main Street
at the Wooster House to be three hundred and seventy-five feet above tide-water,
and Neversink to be twenty feet above Main Street. Much was said and done about
the canal project, but it was finally deemed to be inexpedient because of the heavy
locking that would be necessary, and was abandoned.

Nathaniel married (1) Annie Pomeroy .
Nathaniel married (2) Elizabeth Beach .


1. James Swift Rogers, James Rogers of New London CT and His Descendants, Boston: Published by the Compiler 1902, G.S Call # 1035542. "A.B. Harvard; Member N.E. Historic Genealogical Society; New London Historical Society, Etc., Etc.,.".
2. James Swift Rogers, James Rogers of New London CT and His Descendants.

Second Generation

2. George Washington Rogers (Elizabeth Anne) was born on 11 Aug 1827 in Chester, CT. He died on 17 Apr 1880 in Meriden, New Haven CT.

George married Catherine Louise daughter of Francis Asbury Louise and Mary (Yale) Gale.

They had the following children:

11 M i. George Rogers .

12 F ii. Lillian Estelle Rogers .

6. Gilbert Rogers 1 (Elizabeth Anne) was born on 4 Jul 1838 in Old Saybrook CT. He died on 8 Jan 1917 in Meriden CT.

He married his cousin Estelle V. Rogers

Fought in the Spanish American War
Record of Service of Connecticut Men In the Army, Navy & Marine Corps of the United States in the
Spanish-American War, Phillipine Insurection, and China Relief Expedition from April 21, 1898 to July 4,
1904. Compiled by Authority of General Assembly under direction of Adjutant General. HARTFORD
Rogers, Eugene C., page 93

His son is of the 1847 Rogers Bros. Silverware.

He has a high reputation and has been chosen to some of the most important offices in Meriden, where
(1902) he resides.

Gilbert married (1) Estelle Victorine Rogers daughter of Julius W. Rogers and Esther Elizabeth Culver on 6 Feb 1867 in New York City, NY. Estelle was born on 23 Nov 1845 in Deep River CT. She died on 10 Jan 1917 in Meriden CT.

both were buried on the 12th.
She was originally named Victorine Estelle. They were cousins.

Gilbert and Estelle had the following children:

+ 13 F i. Mabel Estelle Rogers was born on 23 Mar 1871.

+ 14 M ii. Eugene Culver Rogers was born on 8 Jan 1876.

15 M iii. William Rogers was born on 3 Feb 1883 in meridan, new haven ct.He died on 3 Feb 1883.

16 M iv. Emerson Rogers was born on 3 Feb 1883. He died on 3 Feb 1883.

Twin to William.

17 M v. Ralph Gilbert Rogers 2 .

He is a bookkeeper in C. Rogers & Bros. Factory. Unmarried in 1902

Gilbert married (2) Estelle Victorine on 6 Feb 1867. Estelle was born on 23 Nov 1845. She died on 10 Jan 1917.

both were buried on the 12th.
her name I think was Estella Victorine Rogers. They were cousins.

Gilbert and Estelle had the following children:

+ 18 M vi. Eugene Culver Rogers is printed as #14 on page 7.

7. Wilbur Fiske Rogers 3 (Elizabeth Anne) was born on 18 Jul 1841 in Saybrook CT.

He learned teh trade of silver-plater and was in the business with his brother Gilbert, when the news
came of the attack on Fort Sumpter. He was one of a party which compelled the hoisting of the
American flag upon every newspaper office in New York. He enlisted April 17, 1861, the day ofter
Lincoln's call for 75,000 troops; was sworn into the servcie May 2, as a private in Company F, 4th NY
Vol infantry, called the First Scott Life Guard, being composed in part of the old organziation of NY Vols,
under General Scott in Mexico. He was in the battle of Big Bethel, the first normal engagement of the
war, and remained with the regiment until the expiration of its two years service; was in the
engagements at Antietam, Fraedericksburg and Chancellorsville, the regiment volunteering to go into
the latter fight after its time had expired. The regiment was reviewed by Gen. Scott upon its return to
NY and he was deeply affected as the wounded passed by in carriages. Mr. Rogers was in all the
battles and skirmishes, and held the rank of third sergeant and right general guide to the regiment.
AFter being at hime three months he re-enlisted in copmany G, 35th NJ Zouaves, and was made
sergeant and general guide of the regiment. The 35th joined the army of Gen. Sherman, and was with
him in the famous Meridian expedition across the state of Mississippi from Vicksburg. It took part in all
the great battles in which the 17th corps was engaged in the Atlanta campaign, including the famous
march to the sea and to Raleigh, Petersburg and Richamond, participating in the grand review of the
great armies by the President and his cabinet.

Mr. Rogers was mustered out at Trenton NJ., by reason of the close of the war, July 20, 1865. He
returned to his home in Connecticut, and soon formed a partnership with his two eldest brothers in
what is now the well-known firm of C. Rogers & Bros. During four years of continuous service he was
never off duty or wounded, or sick in the hospital. He is still in excellent health, and agrees never to
ask the Government for a pension or any other favor. He is a member of the G.A.R, and during his
connection with it he has been commander of his post, aide-de-camp on staff of the National
Commander-in-Chief, inspector of Departmetn of Connecticut, delegate to National Encampment at St.
Louis, Jr Commander, senior vice, and finally department cammander of G.A.R of Connecticut. He
served the city of Meriden as alderman from 1895-1899, and has been chairman of several important
committees. He is a good writer and eloquent speaker.

Wilbur married Mary Jane Corbin daughter of Hezekiah Corbin and Maria Abigail RYDER on 1 Jan 1867. Mary was born on 10 Jun 1845 in Willington, Tolland, Connecticut.

They had the following children:

19 F i. Zula Elizabeth Rogers was born on 21 Sep 1874.
Zula married HENRY JONES SANFORD about 1908. HENRY was born on 8 Jul 1851 in Harford, Pa. He died in Denver CO ?.

20 M ii. Burton Cephas Rogers was born on 12 Apr 1876 in Willington, Tolland, Connecticut.

He is in business with his father 1902.

21 M iii. Howard Wilson Rogers was born on 27 Dec 1879. He died on 30 Mar 1883.

9. Isabella Virginia Rogers (Elizabeth Anne) was born on 21 Jun 1846.

Isabella married Egbert Young . Egbert was born in East Hampton CT.

Egbert and Isabella had the following children:

22 M i. Hervey Robert Young was born on 27 May 1885.


1. James Swift Rogers, James Rogers of New London CT and His Descendants.
2. James Swift Rogers, James Rogers of New London CT and His Descendants.
3. James Swift Rogers, James Rogers of New London CT and His Descendants.

Third Generation

13. Mabel Estelle Rogers (Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne) was born on 23 Mar 1871 in Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut .

Divorced 1/15/1897 children were given to the mother

Mabel married Frederick Arthur Wright son of Jeremiah R. Wright and Mary on 12 Mar 1889 in New York City NY. The marriage ended in divorce.Frederick was born on 12 Mar 1869 in Pomfret, CT.

They had the following children:

23 M i. Harold Gilbert Wright was born on 31 Mar 1890 in New Haven, Meriden, CT.

+ 24 F ii. Mildred Estelle Wright was born on 21 Mar 1892.

+ 25 F iii. Mabel Rogers Wright .

14. Eugene Culver Rogers (Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne) was born on 8 Jan 1876 in Meriden, CT.

Fought in the Spanish American War
He and William and his other brother Started the 1847 Rogers Brothers Manufacturing Company,
manufacturing silverplated silverware.

Victorian Journal
American Silver / Silver Plate
Karen "Reni" Hackley_Betty Gallagher Antiques, Inc._266 E. Broad St._Westfield, NJ 07090_908-654-
Our "Ask Reni" section has been swamped with questions about "American Silver". So, to answer all the
questions that were received we have decided to have Reni write a very informative article for you on
the subject as follows:
American's manufacturing history in silver, pewter, Britannia and electroplated wares coincides with the
rise of the Industrial revolution and methods of mass production. Centered in New England, places
such as Meriden and Wallingford, Connecticut became as famous to a world of wholesalers and
retailers as Birmingham, England.
In 1810, the single silver-smith could still be found in local advertisements. Commissions in hand
wrought items were directed to the wealthy and elite. By 1910, hugh conglomerates made up of
partnerships and previously independent companies existed to make silver and silver plate available to
The desire to adorn ones home and table with the look of solid silver (without the expense) was
present in the 18th century. In 1742, and Englishman named Thomas Boulshover accidentally fused
silver to copper while trying to mend a knife blade. Manufacturers in Sheffield took over the method of
heating thin sheets of silver, front and back, to thicker center cores of copper. These fused "sheets" could be rolled out and formed into fancy hollow ware trays, urns, candelabrum, etc. Sterling was
decoratively applied to the exposed copper edges. These "old Sheffield" pieces satisfied the emerging
middle classes in England and America for nearly a hundred years, and are sought after by today's
Electroplating was invented by John Wright, a medical student, and also an Englishman. The first
patent was issued to G.R. and H. Elkington in 1840. Oxide of silver was dissolved in a bath of cyanide
of potassium and reformed onto the surface of copper or other base metals with the use of a galvanic
John O. Mead, a Britannia manufacturer from Philadelphia helped perfect the electroplating process in
America. His association with pioneering Rogers brothers is not officially documented, but there is a

The Rogers name spans the rest of the 19th century. William, the eldest brother, left the family farm
and became a partner with Joseph Church (jeweler and silversmith in Hartford, Conn.) in 1825. By
1835, Asa Jr. and Simeon had both joined the firm. Asa Jr. started experimenting with electroplating in
the early 1840's. In 1847, the first Rogers Brothers trademark was stamped on their silver plate spoons.
The Rogers name became so important in the business that many affiliations would form companies to
use the Rogers name. Some were related by family ties and some just lucky enough to have the same
name. The F.B. Rogers Silver Co. was incorporated in 1886, in Taunton Massachusetts. This company
worked well into the 20th century, and became a division of the National Silver Company in 1955.
In 1862, the Meriden Britannia Company purchased the Rogers Brothers Manufacturing Company,
including their tools, dies and trademark. Many other small companies in the area realized the benefits
of banding together to better supply the growing public demand. The International Silver Company was
incorporated in 1898. Along with the 1847 Rogers Bros. trademark, the Meriden Britannia Company led
the way. Soon, over forty firms would join, often retaining their own trademarks under the I.S. Co.
umbrella. Some of these names include the American Silver Co., Barbour Silver Co., Forbes Silver Co.,
Holmes & Edwards Silver Co., Manhattan Silver Plate Co., Meriden Silver Plate Co., Simpson, Hall, Miller
& Co., C. Rogers & Bros., Rogers & Hamilton Co., Rogers, Smith & Co., Watrous Mfg. Co., Webster Mfg.
Co., Wilcox Silver Plate Co, Wilcox & Everster, and the William Rogers Mfg. Co.
The International Silver Co. reached its height in production by the World War II years. We are now
the generations inheriting these lovely decorative artifacts.
Silver plate (in good condition) from the second half of the 19th century has the higher values.
Victorian era Epergnes with cupids holding "sweet meat" dishes, fancy footed butler trays, coffee urns
and tea sets in revival styles with sculptural finials and pairs of six-armed candelabrum may appraise
out between $500 and $1,000, occasionally higher. Crossover values would attach to items
commissioned by railroads, ships, famous hotels or people. Novelties, inkwells, figural napkin rings,
dance card holders, etc. are collectible in their own categories. 20th century silver plate is common. A
complete tea set from the 1940's or 50's can usually be purchased for under $200. A single pot,
creamer, covered butter or vegetable dish will run well under $50 in the secondary market.
The question of resilvering is a "gray" area. Collectors of antique silver plate often prefer the darkened
look of the base metal showing through. In our home, grandma's 1940's water tankard looks a lot
better with its shiny new coat and holly branches at holiday time.
Thanks for all your questions and pictures.
_Miss Reni
__References and resources:
Rainwater, Dorothy T. and Redfield , Judy_Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers 4th ed....
Schiffer 1998
Rainwater, Dorothy T. and Ivan_American Silver plate...Schiffer
Turner, Noel D. _American Silver Flatware 1837 - 1910...A.S. Barnes & Co. 1972
We want to give a special thanks to Reni for writing such an informative article for our Journal.
Don't forget to visit Betty Gallagher Antiques Inc., and say hello to Reni and purchase a wonderful
antique of your own!

Eugene married Marion Elizabeth Rand . Marion was born on 14 Apr 1888 in Boston MA. She died in May 1973.

ssn: 156-32-1417
she divorced Eugene and remarried a Deschamps

she was like the matriarche of the family

Eugene and Marion had the following children:

+ 26 F i. Marion Elizabeth Rogers was born on 3 May 1914. She died on 11 Dec 1989.

27 F ii. Elsie Rogers .

she married last name meyers

Elsie married Meyer .

28 M iii. Gilbert Rogers .

Fought in WWII

29 F iv. Helen Rogers .

Fourth Generation

24. Mildred Estelle Wright (Mabel Estelle Rogers, Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne) was born on 21 Mar 1892 in New Haven, Meriden, CT.

Mildred married (1) Richard Edmund Bishop on 9 Oct 1913 in Meriden CT. Richard was born on 13 Jul 1891 in Des Moines Iowa.

They had the following children:

30 M i. Richard Edmund Bishop was born on 4 Sep 1914.

31 M ii. Harold Rogers Bishop was born on 15 Mar 1916.

32 F iii. Mabel Wrighta Bishop was born on 10 Aug 1919.

25. Mabel Rogers Wright (Mabel Estelle Rogers, Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne).

She had the following children:

33 F i. Mabel Bishop .
Mabel married Alan G. Keim .

26. Marion Elizabeth Rogers (Eugene Culver Rogers, Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne) was born on 3 May 1914 in Westfield, MA. She died on 11 Dec 1989.

Marion married Neldon Isby Hoyt son of Milton Hoyt and Sadie Bertholf. Neldon was born on 18 Jan 1912 in Kenvil, NJ. He died on 25 Jan 1989.

ssn 060-10-8661 issued NY
Kenvil, Morris County NJ 07847

Neldon and Marion had the following children:

+ 34 M i. Jeffrey Bertholf Hoyt was born on 20 Apr 1941.

35 M ii. Cristopher Hoyt .
Cristopher married Diane .

+ 36 F iii. Linda Hoyt .

Fifth Generation

34. Jeffrey Bertholf Hoyt (Marion Elizabeth Rogers, Eugene Culver Rogers, Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne) was born on 20 Apr 1941 in Tuxedo, NY.

Jeffrey married Janet Helen Gensler daughter of Stanley William Gensler and Helen Sampson Rockefeller on 4 Jan 1961 in NJ. Janet was born on 26 Jan 1941 in Newark, NJ.

They had the following children:

+ 37 M i. Kurt William Hoyt was born on 16 Jul 1961.

+ 38 F ii. Karen Valerie Hoyt was born on 10 May 1963.

+ 39 M iii. Kyle Scott Hoyt was born on 13 Feb 1965.

+ 40 F iv. Karre Lynn Hoyt was born on 16 Feb 1968.

41 M v. Kevin Jeffery Hoyt was born on 15 Mar 1979 in Titusville, Florida.

42 F vi. Kaete Rockefeller Hoyt was born on 8 Jan 1982 in Titusville, Florida.

36. Linda Hoyt (Marion Elizabeth Rogers, Eugene Culver Rogers, Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne).

Linda married William Whiting .

I heard they were divorced

William and Linda had the following children:

43 F i. Sarah Whiting .

Sixth Generation

37. Kurt William Hoyt (Jeffrey Bertholf Hoyt, Marion Elizabeth Rogers, Eugene Culver Rogers, Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne) was born on 16 Jul 1961 in Dover, NJ.

Kurt married Francis Witherspoon Harrell daughter of Thomas Benjamin Harrell and Mary McFAden Witherspoon. Francis was born on 3 Feb 1962 in Decatur, GA.

They had the following children:

44 F i. Faith Virginia Hoyt was born on 10 Feb 1987 in Colorado Springs,CO.

45 F ii. Grace Elizabeth Hoyt was born on 11 Sep 1989 in Atlanta, GA.

38. Karen Valerie Hoyt (Jeffrey Bertholf Hoyt, Marion Elizabeth Rogers, Eugene Culver Rogers, Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne) was born on 10 May 1963 in Dover, NJ.

Karen married Charles Edward Mason III son of Charles Edward Mason II and Billie Ruth Dowdie on 7 Feb 1981 in Titusville, Florida. Charles was born on 7 Feb 1962 in Orlando, Florida.

They had the following children:

46 M i. Charles Edward Mason IV was born on 4 Sep 1982 in Orlando, Florida.

47 M ii. Jeffrey Neil Mason was born on 11 Jun 1984 in Idaho Falls, ID.

39. Kyle Scott Hoyt (Jeffrey Bertholf Hoyt, Marion Elizabeth Rogers, Eugene Culver Rogers, Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne) was born on 13 Feb 1965 in St. Louis, MO.

Kyle married Becky .

They had the following children:

48 M i. Shaun Hoyt was born on 27 Oct 1992 in Largo, FL.

49 M ii. Aaron Hoyt was born on 6 Apr 1994 in Largo, FL.

50 F iii. Kaylee Hoyt was born on 24 Sep 1997 in Largo, FL.

40. Karre Lynn Hoyt (Jeffrey Bertholf Hoyt, Marion Elizabeth Rogers, Eugene Culver Rogers, Gilbert Rogers, Elizabeth Anne) was born on 16 Feb 1968 in Titusville, Florida.

Karre married (1) Ian Ruddick .

They had the following children:

51 M i. Luke Ruddick .

52 M ii. Ric Ruddick .

53 M iii. Jake Ruddick .

Karre had the following children:

54 M iv. Luke Ruddick is printed as #51 on page 12.

August 15, 2002 these words came from Jerry Eldridge along with his text file that links more family information to that shown in the Wes Tryon book about Noah Tryon.

NOAH TRYON (5.84c) b.28 August 1772 Middletown, CT. d. 1828 Delhi Township, Hamilton County OH. Married March 1795 in Campbell County KY to Prudence Jones. Prudence was born 12 May 1774 in South Carolina and died 14 March 1866 Vigo County, IN. They were parents to 12 children:

a. John Tryon (6.145a) b. 14 March 1790 Hamilton County, OH d. 31 March 1883 Vigo County, IN. Married January 1834 in Cinncinnati, Hamilton County, OH to Mahala Jones (apparently his 2nd wife). He had (4) children by his first wife : Noah, Deborah, Mary and John. With Mahala, he had 10 children.
b. Gardiner Tryon (6.145b) b. 1800 OH m. Catherine Rudisell d. 14 February 1870 in Vigo County, IN
c. Jeremiah Tryon (6.145c) b. 22 February 1801 OH m. Thursey Quick d. 1 December 1861 Vigo County, IN.
d. William Tryon (6.145j) b.1803 OH m. Mary McClure 19 November 1826
e. Lucas Tryon (6.145d) b. 1805 OH m. Sarah Huffman 17 March 1832
f. James Jones Tryon (6.145e) b. 5 March 1809 OH m. Minervann Stitt 18 Oct 1834 d. 27 June 1888 Vigo County, IN
g. Hiram Tryon (6.145h) b.14 March 1819 OH m. Esther Wellman 6 August 1850 d. 10 January 1905 Vigo County, IN
h. Prudence Tryon (6.145l) m. 18 August 1847 John Goodard
i. Thomas Tryon (6.145f) m. Catherine Norrick 17 May 1830
j. Russell Tryon (6.145g)
k. Aaron Tryon (6.145i)
l. Joel Tryon (6.145k)

JOHN TRYON (6.145a) son of Moses Tryon (5.84c) b. 14 March 1799 Hamilton County, OH d. 31 March 1883 Clay County, IN. Married January 1834 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH to (2nd) Mahala Jones. Mahala was born 1816 in Ohio and d. 24 February 1888 in Vigo County, IN. She is buried in Brown Cemetery in Vigo County, IN. Their children:
a. William Harrison Tryon (7.226f) b. 15 May 1837 Dearborn County, IN d. 15 September 1916 Vigo County, IN. Married 25 May 1858 to Catherine Luke
b. Mary Frances Tryon (7.226g) b. 29 February 1838 Dearborn County, IN d. 17 April 1917 Vigo County, IN. Married 24 October 1875 to John Stolbert.
c. David Tryon (7.226a) b. 1841 Dearborn County, IN; married Ellen Stuck
d. Hiram Tryon (7.226h) b. 23 April 1843 Dearborn County, IN d. 26 October 1865 Vigo County, IN (Civil War Veteran)
e. Charles Tryon (7.226g) b. 1845 Dearborn County, IN married 16 January 1866 to Melvina Kelly
f. Moses Tryon (7.226b) b. 1847 Dearborn County, IN married 28 March 1874 to Annie Jenkins
g. James Thomas Tryon (7.226c) b. 15 June 1850 Vigo County, IN d. 25 August 1903 Clay County, IN married to Elizabeth Martin 22 April 1876 Vigo County, IN. Elizabeth b. 1 January 1850 Nottingham England d. 17 January 1908 Sugar Creek Township, Vigo County, IN. Both buried in Brown Cemetery, Vigo County, IN.
h. Alice E Tryon (7.226i) b. 26 January 1852 Vigo County,IN d. 1 April 1909 Vigo County, IN. Married Ervin S. Erney 20 April 1873 Vigo County, IN
i. John Wesley Tryon (7.226e) b.16 April 1856 Vigo County, IN d.16 March 1932 Vigo County, IN. Married Laura Allen 2 August 1883.
j. Prudence Tryon d. 24 October 1896 Vigo County, IN married Hugh Duncan 3 April 1881.
k. Wesley Tryon (7.226d) not in my file -- we have John Wesley as shown above -- may be same


JAMES THOMAS TRYON (7.226c) son of John Tryon (6.145c) b. 15 June 1850 Vigo County, IN d. 25 August 1903 Clay County, IN m. 22 April 1876 to Elizabeth Martin. Elizabeth daughter of Robert William Martin and Hannah Loveze was born in Nottingham England on 1 January 1850 and died 17 January 1908 in Sugar Creek Township, Vigo County, IN. She and James are buried in Brown Cemetery Vigo County, IN. She was married to John Briner in England and before she came to America (or so the story goes). Their children:
a. Corneilia Tryon b.1878 Vigo County, IN m. 13 March 1902 Vigo County IN to Pearl All.
b. Albert Edward Tryon b. 30 May 1880 Vigo County, IN married 5 December 1901 Paris, Edgar County
Illinois to Nora Ellen All d. 7 February 1868 Vigo County, IN
c. Francis Arthur Tryon b. 26 June 1882 Vigo County, IN m. 16 December 1905 Vigo County, IN to Verlie Grainger; d. 29 December 1961 Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN buried Roselawn Memorial Park North Terre Haute, Vigo County IN.
d. Herbert Tryon b. 30 January 1886 Vigo County, IN married 16 March 1909 to Catherine Bird, Paris, Edgar County, IL
e. Myrtle Minnie Tryon b. 14 June 1890 Chicago, Cook County, IL married 10 July 1907 to Roy Ward in Vigo County, IN

FRANCIS ARTHUR TRYON son of James T. Tryon (7.226c) b. 26 June 1882 Vigo County, IN married 16 December 1905 Vigo County, IN to Verlie Grainger daughter of Thomas F. Grainger and Ella Marvel who was born 13 December 1888 in Union County, KY (either Sturgis or Caseyville) d. 7 July 1969 in Beech Grove, Marion County, IN. Their children:

a. Mabel Madeline Tryon b. 16 October 1906 Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN d. 31 January 1990 Bellevue, Starkey County, NE buried Roselawn Memorial Cemetery North Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN. 1st married Herman Mason 1928 2nd Leonard Garvey 1930.
b. Goldie Louise Tryon born 1908 Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN d. 1992 m. Charles Hoover. They had:
Betty Lou Hoover who married Robert Schnelle no issue; Carol Arlene Hoover who married Donald McAninch (3 children), Mary Deann Hoover who married Jerald C. Pike (4 children) and Charles A. Hoover died young.
c. Ernest Tryon b. 1914 Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN d. 1981 m. June Stoneburner and they had Gordon
Lee Tryon and Dale Alan Tryon.
d. Hubert (nothing known)

MABEL MADELINE TRYON daughter of Francis Arthur Tryon b. 16 October 1906 Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN d. 31 January 1990, Bellevue, NE buried Roselawn Memorial Park, Vigo County, IN. 1st married Herman Mason 1928 divorced 18 September 1931 Vigo County, IN. One daughter Barbara Marilyn Mason b. 30 August 1928 married John Claude Parker and they had 8 children. 2nd husband was Leonard Edward Garvey b. 9 September 1906 Vigo County IN d. 19 December 1960 Vigo County, IN
They had three children;

a. Leonard Garvey b. 30 September 1932 Vigo County IN m. Mabel Josephine ______ 5 children
b. Raymond James Garvey b. 4 November 1937 Vigo County, IN m. Shirley Watson. They have: Ginger Rae Garvey, Francis "Frank" Garvey and James Garvey.
c. Mabel Verlann Garvey b. 23 March 1942 m. June 1960 Vigo County, IN divorced 1970 Vigo County, IN to Donald Lee Eldridge, Sr. divorced 1970.

MABEL VERLANN GARVEY daughter of Mabel Madeline Tryon b. 23 March 1942 married June 1960 to Donald Lee Eldridge, Sr.
a. Donald Lee, Eldridge, Jr. born 6 December 1960 Vigo County, IN m. Katherine King 1986 Vigo County, IN -- 3 sons Jason, Jeremy and Michael.
b. Jerry Lynn Eldridge b. 31 January 1962 Clay County, IN m. Jerri R. Gallion 19 May 1984 Vigo County, IN divorced 1998 MO. They had: Zackary Michael Eldridge Aug 30, 1985-Aug. 31, 1985 and Angela Marie Eldridge 22 October 1987 Vigo County, IN
c. Anthony Wayne Eldridge b. 23 June 1963 Clay County, IN m: Victoria Lynn Thomas divorced had Amber Lynn Eldridge and Anthony Wayne Eldridge, Jr.

JERRY LYNN ELDRIDGE son of Mabel Verlann Garvey b. 31 January 1962 Clay County, IN married (1) Jerri R. Gallion divorced 1998 MO -- had Zackary Michael Eldridge Aug 30, 1985-Aug 31, 1985 and Angela Marie Eldridge b. 22 Oct 1987 Vigo County, IN. 2nd m Elaine M. Brown -- no issue
ANGELA MARIE ELDRIDGE b. 22 October 1987 Vigo County, IN

This letter is from Marilyn Ann Bacon-Moffitt, and I am a descendant (great-granddaughter) of Fannie Eunice Billngs, 407b, in "The Tryon Family in America, by Wesley Tryon. I wish to add several generations to the book for the benefit of anyone researching this Billings and Taylor line. First, the correction: FANNIE EUNICE BILLINGS 8.407b: Fannie's mother was Lucy Chittenden (not Crittenden) Billings. Upon request, I can provide sources for the additional information about "FANNIE EUNICE BILLINGS 8.407b, and her descendants, as follows:

Fannie married John, (called "Jack") Alexander Taylor, on Dec 15 1887 in Greeley, Weld, CO. He was the seventh child of Neil Billings Taylor and Mary Leaver Hume. Jack was born on Apr. 12 1857 in Belle Creek, Queens, Prince Edward Island. He was a blacksmith and served during the Spanish-American war in the Philippine Islands and during the Philippine insurrection of 1899. After 1920 Jack and Fannie moved to California with their children, where he was a machinist with his own repair shop. Jack died in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA. on Apr. 2, 1927 and Fannie in Coronado, San Diego, CA. on May 14 1948. Jack and Fannie had three children:

NEIL BILLINGS TAYLOR, Jr, was born Dec 29, 1889 in Greeley, Weld, CO. on Nov 6, 1920, probably in San Diego, CA, Neil married Katherine W Nathan, who was born on Nov 29 1894 in Denver, Denver, CO to Ernest J Nathan and Alice J Brown. Neil died in Coronado, San Diego, CA on Apr 13 1965. Katherine died in San Diego, San Diego, CA., on May 24 1974. They had one child:
Neil Billings Taylor, Jr. He was born in San Diego, CA on Apr 17, 1922 and married Aline Marie Hemmerich on Sep 9, 1944 in Chicago, Cook, IL. Aline was the daughter of Gaston James Hemmerich and Mary Evelyn Mann. Aline died on Jun 4 2005 in Atascader, San Luis Obispo, CA on Jun 4 2005. Neil died in the same place on Feb 27, 2006. They were survived by three sons: James Michael Taylor (1945-2006), William Frederick Taylor (1947-1982), and Neil Billings Taylor III (1948-2005.

ALICE LAURA TAYLOR was born on Jul 19 1891 in Greeley, Weld, CO. She married Edmund Oscar Bacon in Greeley, CO on Jun 1, 1913. Edmund was born on Feb. 26, 1892 in Worcester, Worcester, MA to Arthur Ellsworth Bacon and Jeanette "Nettie" Eldora Blanchard. Edmund died on Dec 23 1971 in Wilmington, Los Angeles, CA, and Alice died in Stockton, San Joaquin, CA on 14 Sep 1981. They were survived by five children: Jack Arthur Bacon (1914-2011), Frances Elfrieda Bacon (1916-2001), Mary Eleanor Bacon (1919-2004), Kenneth Taylor Bacon (1921-2001), and Marjorie Alice Bacon (1925-2012).

ELFRIEDA LUCY TAYLOR was born on Sep 21, 1892 in Greeley, Weld, CO. She was a musician and played both the piano and the organ professionally. On Jan 27, 1934 in Clark, NV, Elfrieda married Jack Sawyer Farmer, the son of Roy Gwynne Farmer and Adele Florence Sawyer. Jack was born in Ramsey, Anoka, MN on Oct 15 1906. He was in the service during World War II when he died in the Canal Zone, Panama, on Mar 27 1944. Elfrieda died in San Diego, San Diego, CA on Sep 9, 1981. Elfrieda and Jack Farmer had no children.

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