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Sam the Wonder Dog synopsis

Samson was born around the year 1983 on a farm in Versailles, Kentucky.
His recollections concern his early life as the head of security for a thoroughbred horse farm near Midway, KY where he met, and was patted by, many well-known people. His owner at that time was all around party girl and former wife of an ambassador from Houston, Texas. All of the stories are true and from the point of view of a philosophically inclined dog. His associates include twin whippets (jerks), a misnamed cat, and two amours: one puppy love and one companionship. His activities include schooling, coon hunting; skunk baiting, rat killing, squirrel chasing, and attacking IRS agents. He successfully rooted out a drug group and helped in the roundup.
After the farm fell to Reaganomics and Bush-banking he was abandoned to his fate and was saved by a local realtor. He learned about holidays and family feuding. He suffered through the transition to structured living during these middle years and retired to become the public relations director of a small inn in Stratford, Ontario. His friends there include: the lusty Laverne; Charlie, the food tasting cat; his pals Smiley and Pete; his human family headed by Mamoo and her brood of beautiful but ungrateful children. He saw Mamoo through many problems with humor and insight, finally marrying her off to a titled Irishman.
He encountered racism and learned to deal with the problems of aging, veterinarians, diplomacy, and the disposal of personal dirt. He traveled to distant places, met foreign speaking people, and added to Niagara Falls. His favorite hotel is Days Inn and he loves a hot bath and massage but loathes water. He has a long list of insecurities, which he talks about and a shorter list of fears, which he doesn't. His favorite foods come from fast food places and hard rock hurts his ears. He adores women, is wary of men and leaves the room if a child appears. He is now very advanced in years, lying out in the sun of Marathon Key watching the fire ants devour an apple core.

My Memoirs and Views of Life in General

( 1997 Sally Headley

To my late, great friend

Ken Christie

Who encouraged

Never discouraged

And let me in when it rained

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Taking Pen In Paw p.
Chapter 2 Farm Life p.
Chapter 3 Drunk Hunter p.
Chapter 4 Twin Sets p.
Chapter 5 A Period Of Adjustment p.
Chapter 6 The Return Of The Gemini p.
Chapter 7 Home For The Holidays p.
Chapter 8 Oh, Canada p.
Chapter 9 Je Parle Francais p.
Chapter 10 Water, Water Everywhere p
Chapter 11 Banana Split And Other Conchs p.
Chapter 12 Out, Out, Damned Spot p.
Chapter 13 Moving Day p.
Chapter 14 Bread And Breakfast p.
Chapter 15 Love in Bloom p.
Chapter 16 Best Dog p.
Chapter 14 Heavens Above p.



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