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NEW ERGOMATIC KEYBOARD Performance Prize Announced

San Juan, Puerto Rico., March 1, 2005 – as the makers of the new Ergomatic 3-D computer keyboard announced at a presentation at the Petra Zenon de Fabery Vocational School an international keyboardingcompetition. It is designed to allow young students to compete for a $1,000 prize for demonstrating an ability to key 175 wpm or more to prove the significant jump in productivity possible with the Lillian Malt inspired Maltron key layout. Using the Ergomatic keyboard which supports switchable choice between the obsolete QWERTY layout and the Maltron approach, the students in several classes at an advanced vocational arts high school will soon discover the benefits to its users, including:

∑ Separated hand positions to reduce wrist bending and shoulder pinching
∑ Concave key layout allowing fingers to rest more evenly and bend less
∑ Vertical key layout eliminates diagonal motions that cause finger and hand stress
∑ Integrated palm rests for convenient, natural resting position
∑ Tilted keys that reduce the downward turning of wrists
∑ Integrated numeric key pad that allows for a convenient alternative method of numeric entry with either the left or right hand

In addition to using a modern ergonomic design that avoids most of the stress to the body, the Ergomatic set to use the Maltron layout is also eliminating the ergonomic factors that slows the productivity of the QWERTY layout, made to slow the operator down in the age of mechanical keyboards when speeding caused hammer jams! Proper consideration of neuro-muscular factors, language structure and communication to fingers, the Malt based layout eliminates common transposition errors caused by left-right brain confusion.

All Ergomatic users are invited to join in the competition that is expected to run for a few months as new users learn the simple system and practice to compete. The new Ergomatic keyboard has several advantages over its predecessor, including price. “Our Ergomatic keyboard is much more affordable than previous Maltron Ergomatic models,” says Ergo-comp Systems President Richard R. Tryon. “Our keyboard retails for $175, while previous versions have cost close to $400.”

The Ergomatic keyboard is available for sale in all of North and South America at And via PCD Maltron, Ltd. Of Surrey, England and at on the web.