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Vodka Ain't Good for Cuba Libre
by Dr. Robert A. Galloso

Chapter 11

Should Americans think MYOB about Cuba?

Even if we could assume that callously, coldly and cynically the American people/government could think that this is something between Cubans and that they have no business messing around with it, let us briefly review what it entails to have that tyranny at only ninety miles from our vulnerable Southeastern coast. In this time and age we are living in, having an enemy beachhead at that short distance is not a comforting sign. In that coast, within that ninety miles range, is the Turkey Point nuclear reactor at a stone throwing distance, militarily speaking from the tyrant.

The tyrant has a vast spy network. He has managed to extend his tentacles to many areas around the world. (The book Benigno mentioned before is a vast account of it). He has publicly and shamelessly stated that he has been behind all the guerrilla and subversion movements in Latin America. He has harbored terrorists groups, including Middle Eastern ones, according to a report published by the Cuban American Foundation that we have never seen convicted of falsehood. He has been linked to drug trafficking according to other reliable sources never convicted of falsehood either. He has bragged about his biological warfare arsenal, and even about nuclear artifacts that he could use against the South Eastern USA (mainly the above mentioned Turkey Point Nuclear Generator in Dade County, FL). He could provide some terrorists with the nuclear raw materials for a dirty bomb or easier yet with biological warfare and easily smuggle it into this country. His spies have been convicted time and again in this country, including the recent case of a high ranking officer of the Defense Department.

He has destabilized countries in different parts of the world, mainly in Latin America. The president of El Salvador publicly accused him in one important reunion that took place in Panama of being responsible for the death of seventy five thousands Salvadorians during the guerrilla war he unleashed there. The tyrant never denied it. His connections with IRA, ETA (Basque terrorist group in Spain) and others are well known. The ETA members have been using Cuba as a haven for a long time. Cuba has been linked to IRA members going to Colombia to work with the guerrilla there. Now the world is looking into the desperate situation that the people of Angola is facing, the responsibility for that disaster should be placed in grand part at the feet of the tyrant of the island. He was an active participant with his mercenaries in the destabilization of that country.

In the Summer of 2001 he visited Iran and Iraq. The former gave him an honorary degree at the University of Teheran, a token you may say. But bear in mind the speech he made in that occasion, claiming that between him and Iran they were bringing the American giant to his knees. According to an American Intelligence report issued in 1947 at the outset of the ”Bogotazo”, (Colombia) he was already “Anti-Yankee and an agitator against “Yankee imperialism.” He has always been, and still is, in an ever increasing manner, American hater through and through. He has always put his money where his mouth has been when it comes to doing something against this country. He has used each and every opportunity to do harm to the USA. We read once, back in the old country, that his brother’s dream was to drop a nuclear bomb over NY. Imagine how happy he would have been on September 11.

It is beyond anybody’s comprehension how some top ranking members of the military may consider that the tyrant does not represent a threat to the USA. The tyrant would do anything and everything to help anybody who would inflict damage to our country. Although he is not, militarily speaking, a force capable of engaging in conventional warfare with the USA, neither was Al-Qaeda or the Taliban under the other bearded guy. Yet, if we have learned something from 9-11, is to never underestimate these terrorists. These are not conventional times; the war going against the USA is not a conventional one, but it is as deadly or maybe even more.

Unfortunately, this is not the end . . .

We have not presented to you a thorough and detailed report on the Cuban situation. It is only a simple, easy to follow account to enable you to cut through all the thick of information, disinformation, ignorance and propaganda floating out there on the subject. Its goal is to give you, the American citizen, a view of how it all began, why things are what they are today and the reasoning behind the mythical embargo. Above all, it is the objective of this modest work to disabuse you of the notion that the Americans are responsible for having Cuba, the tyrant and his gang of thugs that is, as enemies of our great country. He and his brother were always our enemies for no reason at all. If the USA administrations are guilty of something is of giving him support and encouragement to take over the country and letting the tyrant get away with abuses, aggressions and provocations that were uncalled for, to say the least, allowing him to blackmail this country. The media and academia, with a few honorable exceptions, have done their part to help him too. We have allowed the tyrant to become the neighborhood bully who has dictated to this country as he has pleased. It sounds like the old movie “The mouse that roared”, only that in this case it is a dirty rat that is not funny at all. It is about time that the great people of this nation call his bluff and put him in his place. Enough is enough. The tyranny is a socio-political cancer that has metastasised into Latin America and other places, creating havoc for our country any time and place they can. It is time to eradicate this dangerous and debilitating illness once and for all before it can do more harm to America. There is no such thing as dialog, negotiations or appeasement with this type of regimes. Look back in History and think when was the last time they worked. Remember Hitler and Stalin, just to mention two recent cases. We live in dangerous times and we cannot afford to have our backyard occupied by a tyranny bent on destroying us, one that will stop at nothing to support, aid and abate those who are trying to destroy us. He is in the same team with them. September 11 still fresh in our memories. He would love to emulate that sinister attack and he will not hesitate for a second in trying anything and everything he possible could to do so. America, we are at war with terrorism. Terrorism has been the way of life of the tyrant all the time. He invented plane hijacking in 1957 when he had a passenger plane of Cubana de Aviacion taken by some of his terrorists. If you want to have a complete background on this subject read “Castro, Israel & the PLO” by David J. Kopilow, 1985. From the purely logical way of thinking, we are at war with him, in a war that he started. When our military “experts” and politicians tell us that he is not a threat to our security, beware. They are either complacent, ignorant or have a hidden agenda. In either case, beware. September 11 caught us with the guard down for the same reasons. We cannot afford another September 11 incubation at only 90 miles from our coast. The enemy is at a stone-throwing distance from our vulnerable main land and many of our leaders, like the rabbits in the classical fable, are debating whether they are greyhounds or just hounds.

Let us hope that a cartoon we read a longtime ago (I believe it was Walt Kelly's Pogo, circa 1956) does not represent the actual situation of this country at this historic and dangerous time we are living in. The carton strip had this alligator in the Okefenokee swamp, S. Georgia, report that “we have met the enemy and he is us”. We have so many influential people “pushing for the tyrant” that it is scaring. From lifting the embargo to offering him all kind of assistance, the gamut of the movement agendas is frightening. We have a nagging feeling that there is a Trojan horse in our midst rooting for him. With one difference: in the classic story the soldiers inside the horse were part of the enemy army. In our case those inside the horse (maybe we should call it the Pro-Cuban Tyranny bandwagon) are some of our own most influential and powerful people.

It is about time we review with critical conscience the lessons of September 11. That another bearded tyrant was constantly acting against America. He is another one that this country helped while he was a young “idealist” fighting a “noble cause”. His appreciation for what we did was to start plotting against us. He was increasing his attacks but we did nothing. The ominous signs were there and we ignored them (Somalia, the US embassies and the “Cole”). Then he gave us September 11. We must remember that there is no chain stronger that its weakest link. The toleration of the Caribbean tyrant is the weakest link in our security/war against terrorism efforts.
By Richard Tryon

Those who have read George Friedman’s “America’s Secret War” should have recognized that foreign policy decisions between two countries seem to have been often mitigated or changed because of policy changes between either and one or more additional nations. Worse, the effect can be very negative in terms of causing good relations to disappear when secrecy makes it hard to avoid misunderstanding. Add to the equation the impact of dis-information, espionage, unforeseen events and even nature, and one can wonder how anything good can ever happen.

Nonetheless, some of us pray for leadership that can be more honest not only with others, but with itself. I want to think that we have seen more signs of such happening in the George W. Bush administration than has been expected. Will it bring as a result, freedom to many areas not only of the middle east, but even to such important places as Cuba? A reading of the work of Dr. Robert A. Galloso certainly confirms that life in Cuba is not suffering because of the U.S. embargo which only serves as a indictment of Castro, not as an impediment for the people of Cuba. They can buy anything in the U.S. via a third party or a competitor.

Others may be foolish enough to invest in Cuba via Castro schemes that make Castro a very rich man and even go spend times in isolated splendor on the beautiful island, but they seem to fail to understand that they are contributing to a tyrant who rules with terror tactics just as dangerous as those encouraged by bin Laden. It is time that a way be found to free Cuba!

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