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The Tryon Family In America
by Wesley Tryon

Publisher's Message

An invitation to use and add to this book....

I am, with help from others, perpetrator of any number of errors of commission or omission, by reason of amateur efforts or other human failings,in an effort to exactly reproduce the writing of Wes Tryon's manuscript that was transformed into the book "The Tryon Family in America". The text, with some corrections, and additions, is reproduced as a large file accessible here, with certain caveats and no warranties! Those who diligently research or have access to impeccable data that is in conflict with this file are encouraged to submit corrections with suitable evidence of the need to make them to for consideration and potential inclusion in future corrected versions of the file.

Those that want to add new names to the files numbered structure may do so and submit copy to go with them in the appropriate place. Such files will be added only if the source can be included in the text so as to separate same from the work of Wes Tryon. You may include reasonable amounts of biographic information about any or all such submissions, subject to editing by editors. Items added will cause expansion of the indices too.

It is the hope that in this way, the data base will grow and provide future researchers a much easier way to find an array of facts about those born since Wes stopped gathering information- in some branches that goes back a long way.

Those that want to purchase a copy of the remaining printed editions of the book "The Tryon Family in America" by Wes Tryon, may do so by sending e-mail to the same and arrange to send $30 U.S. to pay for a copy to be mailed to you.

June 11, 2000 addendum

When this section was added to the web page, it was hoped that efforts of a group that assembled the page would be complimented by it. The materials shared with the leaders of that group were wonderfully scanned and that made it possible to put the data on this page, as the original computer files that led to the printing of the Wesley Tryon book "The Tryon Family in America" were lost in the sale of the corporation that had let the files be assembled in its computer system as a favor to Wes Tryon.

In the past two years the connection was broken when the page was taken down because hoped for cooperation from family members did not measure up to the expectations of those that built and monitored the page.

It is now clear that much of the good work done has been lost to the extent that it is not included here. Since the work was aimed at getting ancient facts correctly recorded and amplified, it is certainly regrettable to those that want it to be as accurate as possible, that such is not the case. If you are disposed to helping to improve the accuracy, please do not hesitate to contribute so that others may see branches and links to their current families that Wes Tryon never had time to sufficiently research to understand.

Some of his notes are still available to me and I will share them with any qualified researchers.

The other goal of the page is to allow new material to be added to show that the Tryon family in America is still reproducing itself and some are adding marks of distinction.

If you have such an inclination, please let us know.



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