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You Can't Escape God, 1978
God and World for the Modern Man
by Richard R. Tryon, Sr.

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The limitations of two men


Why this book about God and man?


The modern socio- political- economic- religious problems and the need for a plan for mankind

Chapter 1

A Credible God in a Scientific World

Chapter 2

How could a God of the Universe have come into existence?

Chapter 3

What the soul really is and how it achieves reincarnation.

Chapter 4

God's own actions on earth have been observed and recorded.

Chapter 5

Another era of divinely contrived experiences for Adam's lineage.

Chapter 6

Thirteen Centuries from Exodus to the time of Christ

Chapter 7

Explaining the virgin birth and the reverse reincarnation of Christ through Mary with help from the Angel Gabriel

Chapter 8

The Ministry of Christ and validity of miracles.

Chapter 9

The Crucifixion and Resurrection

Chapter 10

The miracle of Ascension

Chapter 11

The roles of the Church:

Chapter 12

History of worship for Christians

Chapter 13

Problems of form and doctrine are a logical result of God's plan

Chapter 14

The problem that prevents Church reunification

Chapter 15

The great maladies

Chapter 16

Which way for America and for the world?

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