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You Can't Escape God, 1978
God and World for the Modern Man
by Richard R. Tryon, Sr.

This work, compiled over a period of sixty years, was started in response to the liberal or communist thinking that found its way into the Associated Press in the late 1930's at the time of the Russian "Showcase trials" that were thought by some to be free and just, in helping a new order eliminate illegal and immoral treason from the emerging Soviet State. Those, who believed in Lenin and Stalin, had determined that free democratic life required submission to the rule of the state. Tryon set out to prove that God does exist and that it is not God's intent that men and women should live as slaves of the state. To prove the case, Tryon studied for many years and developed a unique quasi-scientific approach to understanding all religions with an aim to providing as a result a means of a rational faith that lessens the need for dependence upon mysticism, while cementing in place the reasons for man to be independent and to own private property as a means to preparing one's soul for the hereafter.

The text lay dormant from the author's death in 1978 until 1994 when further studies by his son led to his working to finish the work. Although it was accomplished in 1996, the son is still working to refine his own work and that of his father. We are pleased here to present the first public edition for your study and consideration.


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